Razor Wire Fence

A razor-wire fence, also known as barbed tape, is a type of fence consisting of metal strips. A razor-wire fence is a very powerful security measure. It is especially used in places where high-security measures must be taken such as military fields and border security. Razor wire has too many sharp blades. These sharp knives create fear for those who want to cross the border. Because these knives inflict deep wounds on the body at the slightest blow. Therefore, a razorwire fence can be used in any area where you want to ensure border security.

Razor wires have an extra feature to protect the safety of the area where they are used. As the name suggests, these wires damage the bodies of those who want to touch them by cutting them like a razor blade. In other words, razor wires have a very deterrent feature for people who approach your land, house, a company in case of any theft or malicious purpose.

The purpose of the product is also deterrence. For example, you live in a house with a garden and you do not feel safe at home. This is a very natural human emotion. Because the cases of theft are increasing day by day. The easiest way to prevent this is to use razor wires. Thanks to the razor fence, thieves will not dare to enter your garden and your home will remain safe.

Where to use razor wire?

Where to use razor wire

  • Company,
  • Land,
  • Military Areas,
  • Industrial Areas,
  • Villas,
  • Gardens,
  • Building Environments.

You can see above the areas where razor wires are used the most. The easiest way to secure these areas is with razor wires. We would like to give an example, especially from the military fields. Military areas and border security are very important for a country. We must always protect the security of our borders in the best way possible. Thanks to the razor wires used in combination with wire mesh fences, we can ensure the security of our borders very easily.

Razor wires can be fixed in many different ways. For example, if you have a panel fence or wire mesh fence that you have made before, razor wires can be mounted and fixed on these products. This method is both easier and safer. In other words, if you use your razor wires together with wire mesh fence or fence panels, you will create a more sheltered living space.

What are the Types of Razor Barbed Wire Panel Fence?

Razor Barbed Wire Panel Fence

3 types of razor fences can be produced. These;

  1. Spiral / Helical Razor Wire: this type of razor wire is a circularly opening backward model. It can be produced in many different diameters and weights. It is absolutely rustproof and extremely durable.
  2. Planar Razor Wire: Unlike helical razor wire, planar razor wire opens circularly to the side. Thanks to this feature, it can be easily applied on fence panels and flat posts.
  3. Line Shaped Razor Wire: As the name suggests, it is produced in a straight line. Unlike other models, it does not have a clip. It is very easy to use on poles.

All of the products we mentioned can be applied to the areas you want in different sizes and widths. At Sağlam Fence, you can be sure that we offer you the most durable products. Please contact us for more information.

What are the Features of Razor Wire?

 Features of Razor Wire

  • It is stainless steel. It is produced from thin iron. All materials used during assembly are also stainless.
  • They have extremely sharp structures. Thanks to the small razors in their structure, it easily scares people.
  • These wires, which are produced by passing a razor on them, are installed on a straight line. However, if requested, it can also be used in spiral form.
  • The person who wants to climb the razor wires will give up as soon as he feels the razors.
  • Electrostatic powder paint is preferred during the coloring of the wires in question. In this way, color fading, spillage, or other problems are not experienced.
  • It can be dismantled and mounted elsewhere.
  • It is not affected by snow, rain, storm, and natural disasters. Since it is stainless, it is not affected by bad weather and does not oxidize.

Installation of Razor Wire Fence 

A razor fence is usually built on a wire fence or panel fence. Stainless steel and metal clips are used when constructing the Razor wire fence. It is mounted on previously constructed fences in a controlled manner. In other words, a razor fence is a type of fence that is mounted on a panel fence, wire fence, and grass fence.

Razor Wire Fence Manufacturers

Wire fence manufacturing is a very difficult and professional field. Therefore, good research should be done before purchasing a wire fence. At Sağlam Fence, we produce the best quality wire mesh fence models for you. We would like to state that we broke sales records in Turkey and many countries of the world by producing high-quality razor wire as a result of many years of experience. Today, our company, which is advancing with 100% customer satisfaction in both production and application, is expanding its customer portfolio day by day. If; If you want to buy razor wire, all you have to do is contact razor wire fence manufacturers.

Razor Wire Fence Prices

Razor wire fence price varies depending on the type of razor wire fence. Planar and helical razor wire prices are different from each other. In addition, razor wire fence price varies depending on its quality. If you want to buy a quality and long-lasting razor wire fence, all you have to do is contact us. As a Razor wire fence manufacturer, we work 24/7 to provide you with the best quality service.

Security fence: razor wire

When you want to increase the security measures, you can safely use razor wires. You can create a deterrent image by mounting security fence razor wire in the areas you want to increase security. Razor wires are a nice precaution to prevent thieves and malicious people. If you want to buy security fence razor wire, you can contact Saglam Fence, one of the razor wire fence manufacturers, to learn about razor-wire fence prices.

Razor Wire Fence Application Ideas

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