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Maintained by installing synthetic grass to panels or prefabricated privacy fence, bring the naturalness of green to the environment you are in, while excluding visibility from the inside out. With the security it offers, it prevents the prying eyes from bothering you and the unwanted entities that you do not want to enter.

Thanks to its easy-to-install feature, it is possible to achieve an eye-catching and spacious appearance with artificial grass wall in a short time. Grass walls made of galvanized wires are resistant to all kinds of adverse weather conditions and especially UV rays that cause fading. Likewise, its non-flammability is an important factor in its preference as privacy fence.

Grass Fence ideas

Features of Privacy Fence Panels


As SAGLAM FENCE, we produce our products in Arnavutkoy – Istanbul facility; We operate by providing maximum capacity production

Always Green

These decorative grass fences can be produced in the properties you want. Grass fence is a reliable decoration tool that can be.


Quality Control Department; Our products are durable and environmentally friendly products that can be used in all climatic.

Application Privacy Fence

Industry benefits

There are so many areas fake grass panels used in.

  • garden
  • school
  • park
  • company
  • factory

or so many other places which you want.

As you can see, privacy fences are a very beautiful and practical solution for landscaping. As Decora Fence, we work with an understanding that never compromises on quality.

the price of the grass wall changes according to their square meters of the areas or garden..

In recent years, people have begun to give great importance to garden decoration. But since decoration is very costly, people cannot use the decor products in their gardens as they wish. With the developed technology, it has become very easy to decorate your gardens or any region you want. We call these products lawn fenceGrass fences are especially used in garden decoration and are not very costly products. Artificial grass fences produced by DecoraFence are custom made according to the garden of every house or the size of any area you want. We are a company based in Turkey we can export the whole world are making artificial hedge panel. So we are serving as grass fence coverings company near you.

The grass fence, which adds elegance to spaces with its modern appearance, is often preferred for a decorative appearance. It is not only used for a stylish look. It is also a very durable fence for you thanks to the materials used in its construction. Thanks to the PVC coating used in the construction of the fence, there is no problem of oxidation and rusting even in bad weather conditions. This way you can use the artificial grass on fence for many years. You can easily use it indoors if you want grass fence. You can choose a turf wall decor to add a natural look to your interior. The artificial grass fence, which has an artificial appearance, is install only in accordance with the walls and wires. This type of coating is not used in floor spaces.

As Privacy fence, we also produce fence panels. We create artificial fences on the fence panels we produce. Our fence production can be in two different ways. We produce fence panels and wire mesh fence panels and offer you different alternatives. We manufacture artificial grass on these panel fences that we produce.

  • Grass fences prevent the inside from visible.
  • Thanks to the grass fences you can move easily in your garden.
  • You can get happiness with the peace of green color.
  • You can also guarantee your safety.

As you can see, our fake grass wall panels are designed with your comfort and safety in mind. For example; Especially if you have a pool in the garden of your home or villa you want to move comfortably. The most beautiful product that can provide you with this comfort is grass fences. As mentioned above, the inside is absolutely invisible and offers a peaceful garden.

Grass fences is the best for your garden.

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