Saglam Fence

Production Line

production line of grass fence
  • 60 mm hot dipped galvanized wire beside a light green and dark green PVC rigid films are brought into the factory.
  • Double galvanized wires are twisted and merged with PVC rigid film and winded on spools like a rope.
  • Galvanized wire twisted with PVC leaves are brought to knitting machine to produce grass fence mat.
  • Grass fence mats are wrapped as rolls and packed with headers to load.

Application Area

Technical information

Height: 100 – 120 – 150 – 200 CM
Roll Length: 10 M
Roll Diameter: 40 CM
Weight: 2.500 gr/ m2
Galvanized Wire: 1,60X2=3,20 mm dip galvanized double twisted
Grass Fibers UV added PVC grass
non-flammability B2 class flame retardant additive

F.A.Q Grass Fence

Our products are produced in rolls. Roll length is 10 meters. * With 99% UV Protection, Grass Fence has the ability to withstand 5 years of sun rays and all kinds of seasonal conditions.

Grass fence panels are resistant to burning, fading or other wear and tear.

Where is Grass Fence Used?
Building, site and villa surroundings,
school surroundings,
around the sports field,
Hotel garden surroundings,
land, vineyard,
Nursery, playground area.
Garbage container decoration.
around swimming pools,

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