Grass fence panels are a product that is generally used to provide garden security. The usage areas of privacy grass fences produced using artificial grass are quite wide. It is also frequently used in decoration. It can also be used as a decorative garden fence, landscape fence, or garden drill fence
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Grass Fence Panels


As SAGLAM FENCE, we produce our products in Arnavutkoy – Istanbul facility; We operate by providing maximum capacity production

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These decorative grass fences can be produced in the properties you want. Grass fence is a reliable decoration tool that can be.


Quality Control Department; Our products are durable and environmentally friendly products that can be used in all climatic.

Application of Grass Wall

Decorative artificial grass fence panels are a product that we can use in all areas of our lives. Because the usage area is very common. Artificial grass fence panels can be used in many areas such as garden decoration, indoor decoration, wall coverings, roofing.

Usage Areas of Grass Fence

If you are asking Where Can I Use Grass Fences? the answer is quite wide. You can use it anywhere that makes image pollution. You can also use it for special purposes such as surrounding walls and private areas and giving a natural appearance, or to close the garbage container, roof, or retaining wall.

Grass fence is generally made of PVC, which is very strong and durable against sunlight. It goes through many processes and thus gains its durability. These fences produced from galvanized dense wires; it does not burn or, in other words, does not ignite. Not just for security and functionality; are structures that also prevent ugly images.

These products that remain green and look aesthetically stylish can be used in all seasons. They are structures that can be used once and used everywhere thanks to their longevity. Besides being environmentally friendly, they are also very easy to assemble and dismantle. Grass fence panels; used on fence surfaces. General usage areas:

  • On the wall,
  • Balconies,
  • In Terrace,
  • In concrete areas,
  • Wire mesh surface sections,
  • It is used in carpet fields.

Apart from these areas of use, it can be used in many different areas. We can manufacture in the desired thickness and dimensions in terms of wire thickness. We also produce the desired and requested direction in terms of fence heights. According to these features, the prices of grass fences are determined.

Fireproof Grass Fence

Grass fences, which are resistant to sunlight and ultraviolet rays, do not fade over time. One of the most important reasons for this is that grass fences are produced by covering them with PVC. Artificial grass fences covered with PVC are very durable and long-lasting. In this way, it has a fireproof feature and its aesthetic appearance does not deteriorate over time.

The most important feature of the grass fence is that it is fire-resistant. It will melt in situations such as a possible fire or when approached with fire. However, the repair of the melted part is quite easy. It will not ignite the surrounding materials and products. It is highly resistant to chemicals and impacts. Since it is a long-lasting product, it can accompany you and your garden for years.

Multi-Color Decorative Fence

colored decorative grass fence
However grass fence panels can be used in the fields Grass fence is a new product that is used to cover the borders, walls, or gardens. it is a Decorative Fence wall covering option in green or other color but the green color is the most common one. It is also called a lawn fence, decorative garden fence, landscaping fence, or garden boarding fence. It is actually a garden fence panel.

Industry benefits​

Our products are produced in rolls. Roll length is 10 meters. * With 99% UV Protection, Grass Fence has the ability to withstand 5 years of sun rays and all kinds of seasonal conditions.

This privacy fence, which can be produced in any size, has certain widths. It can be between 1 meter and 20 meters wide. The mesh is quite thin but durable. It only reduces the effect of the wind, it would not be right to expect the wind to stop completely.

Grass fences are structures made of PVC, which is very strong and durable against sunlight in general. It goes through many processes and thus gains its durability. These fences produced from galvanized dense wires; it is non-flammable or in other words non-flammable.

Fire Proof Grass Fence / Fire-rated Grass Fence

The most used fence type in recent years is the grass fence. Grass fence pleases its users with many different features. It is very safe and long-lasting, especially since it is produced from a non-combustible material. Therefore, a grass fence is also known as a fireproof grass fence.

At Saglam Fence, we have the world’s best quality home and most durable fireproof grass fence product. For detailed information about grass fences, you can get information by clicking the link or continue reading the content.

What is Fire Proof Grass Fence?

Grass fence; It is a product made on a non-rusting and non-oxidizing panel fence and specially manufactured from PVC material. So it’s pretty solid. It is impact-resistant. Resists fires, fading, deterioration, and spills.

Grass fence panels are a material that has been very popular lately. It is used in many areas with its durability and being affected by the sun. It is frequently used in schools, villas, gardens, and even to determine the boundaries of cafes. These synthetic threads, which come across with dark green and light green tones, do not experience any problems such as yellowing, fading, or breaking.

It has an aesthetic and stylish appearance. For this reason, it is frequently used in landscape areas. You can be sure that it will be in harmony with your garden and garden furniture. Although dark green or light green is preferred, it is also produced in different colors. It will be enough to specify the color you want or need from the seller.

Grass fence is also a very successful product in the architectural and decorative field. Grass fence, which we have started to see frequently in recent years and which has managed to attract attention, turning the walls into a lush visual feast, is very economical and useful compared to other panels.

It is not affected by the sun and UV rays, which shows that the grass fence is resistant to burning. It is not possible to ignite a grass fence with fire. So it is much safer than natural grass. Being fireproof is stated as the most important feature of the grass fence.

The wonder and interest for the grass fence panels are increasing every day. So, as Saglam Fence Company, we are trying to answer all of the questions and assist with them. One of the most popular questions about grass fences on google is “Where can I buy grass fence panels?”.

So, where to buy grass fence panels? Of course, we recommend our company. Because we are one of the best grass fence panel manufacturing companies in Turkey. We are producing the best quality of products, and we are servicing all around Turkey. Also, we are exporting our products to more than 77 countries. Our Saglam Fence company is the supplier of most of the construction markets.

So, what is a grass fence panel? So many people who are not very familiar with construction work wonder about this question. As it is understood from its name, the grass fence panel is a fence system. Normally fence systems are installed because of security reasons. But the grass fence system also has another feature; landscaping. This is the most proper system for decoration. Other fence systems are not fit for the scenery, but the grass fence system is just the opposite.

The grass fence is a normal fence system, only artificial grass is installed on it. This makes them very coherent with the environment. The security level is the same as other fence systems. Curled wire structure makes it a force absorber. On the other hand, it is resistant to rust, weather conditions, any type of natural event, and all kinds of deformations.

Grass fence panels are appropriate and also ideal for use at private properties (villas, detached homes), buildings, building complexes, schools, sports fields, estates, gardens, and so many other places. There is no restriction for use. The only limit is your imagination. As they can both provide the same level of security and landscaping, grass fence panels are very popular.

Artificial Grass fences are very useful to meet your many needs. It provides you many benefits in terms of aesthetics, decorative and security. As for prices, the total price of the product is made according to the square meter calculation. We make the most appropriate and positive prices for you, for the satisfaction of our valued customers. For us, customer satisfaction is paramount. That’s why we always aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Our priority is you and your happiness. Please contact our company for detailed information about grass fence prices.

Grass fences are a very decorative product as well as providing your safety. Especially if you have a house with a garden will help you to decorate your garden. For example, after covering your garden with lawn fences, you hang your pots on these lawn fences and make your garden look more modern and aesthetic. Who wouldn’t want to live in a modern, green area? So it is a product you can choose with peace of mind fences grass.

  • Grass fences formed by artificial turf are of high quality.
  • Never fade, especially as it is protected against sunlight.
  • Always remain green and alive as on the first day.
  • There is no need for constant maintenance and irrigation like natural grass.
  • Fireproof and flame resistant. It does not burn and does not catch fire.
  • So it can be used outdoors easily.
  • This returns you both as time and money saving.

lawn fence panel systems are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, lawn fence applications are widely used in areas such as cafes, restaurants, parks, and roadsides. Instead of the ordinary fence look, many business and venue owners prefer grass fence decor applications to host their customers in a more aesthetic environment.

Artificial grass is used in lawn fence decoration applications. Grass fencing can be applied not only for the surroundings and entrances but also to create separate partitions inside and outside. In addition to being aesthetic, lawn fence decorations are known as durable structures suitable for long-term use. For this reason, it is frequently preferred in many places.

The problem of security and privacy is one of the most important problems of our time. Some technological advances have been made to ensure our security and privacy. The most important of these are artificial turf on wall fence panels. The fake grass wall panel is a very useful product that meets the security need at the highest level today.

Wire mesh fence or panel fence with artificial grass is created by covering this wonderful product is called a grass fence.  is also known by many different names such as DekoraFence and Grass Wall.

Synthetic Grass fences can be constructed in protecting any area you want to use. It is a beautiful product with its aesthetic appearance. It gives you the impression that you are covered with real grass around your house. This allows you to create a natural environment.

Therefore, it is a product that can be preferred with peace of mind.

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