Saglam Fence

About Us

Who We Are

Saglam Fence Wires and Fence Systems was founded in a small workshop 28 years ago in Istanbul. Since the beginning Decora Wire focused on the production of wire products particularly in hot-dip galvanized and pvc coated wires. Grass Fence became one of the leading company in the local market after some years. Today,  Saglam Fence Wires and Fence systems have two factories which is around 7000 m2 and three retail selling points. The factory is 10 minutes away from a new airport which is  Istanbul airport. The production is made according to ISO 9001 and TSE standards.

Saglam Fence Wire is selling its products to local and international markets. Our foreign customers are mostly from Europe and the Middle East countries. Saglam Fence Wire will continue to serve its customers with its professional staff by developing itself. We will never stop and continue to produce for our nation and for the world.

Target customer group and business philosophy

  • Supplying the wholesale trade-in due time with accurate volumes
  • Balanced assortment of premium standard and specialty products for individual applications and general stockage
  • Premium quality products