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As Saglam Fence, we produce our products in Arnavutkoy – Istanbul facility; We operate by providing maximum capacity production… 

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Long Durability

Our Grass Fence can be used for years due to having special structure for any weather conditions.

UV Protection

Saglam, Grass Fence Panel are having resistance against UV lights for years.


Can Be in Any Size

Synthetic turf panels can be adjusted to any size. It is very easy for cutting and installation.

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“We are worldwide!”

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From production to installation, your Grass Fence mantle, ready to use. We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction.


Our goal is to build the best quality Artificial Hedge Panels in your living spaces and offer you a comfortable life

PVC UV Fence Protection  Decorative Fence is having resistant to UV lights for years. We have different warranty times… Long Durability Artificial grass panels can be used for years due to having a special structure for any weather conditions. Water Proof Our patented product is very durable against water and bad weather conditions.

We have a special machine which they twist the wire and put PVC leafs between the wires in order to manufacture artificial grass fence coverings.. As a fence grass barrier manufacturer, we are producing artificial grass wall panels in different heights such as 100 cm,120 cm,150 cm,180 cm and 200 cm. The benefits of grass wall;

  • Our grass fences do not fade easily.
  • The durability of our artificial grass fences is perfect.

Grass fence panels do not require strenuous maintenance, so they are highly preferred in enterprises. The lawn fence does not require such maintenances, as it would be a waste of time to deal with the maintenance and cleaning of any system used only for containment. Can be used for at least 5 years without damage. It is a much better form of decoration than ivy. Its simplicity and fatigue are some of the features that emphasize the product. Artificial grass wall panels install according to is also resistant to bad weather. When rained, it gets wet when it snows. The grass used in its production is made of PVC material and rests on the stainless wire.

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