Green PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh Fencing Rolls

Galvanized wire core coated with PVC for extra corrosion protection. Versatile and economical solution for gardening, light fencing, animal enclosures.
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Green PVC Coated Wire Netting
There is a very famous product in the market nowadays to secure your borders. It is called Pvc coated wire mesh fencing.
Made in Turkey Pvc coated wire mesh panels are produced by galvanized 40-60 gr /m2 panels.
Saglam Fence is the Pvc Coated Wire Fencing Manufacturer in Turkey. If you are looking for the best quality garden border fencing manufacturer Saglam Fence is the right choice for you.
Pvc coated wire mesh fence panels are manufactured according to TSE ( Turkish Standards Institution) standards.
How much does wire mesh cost?
The cost of green PVC coated welded wire mesh is changes according to coating materials which used in manufacturing process and the area which you want to put in wire fencing.
Wire mesh Fence panels / chain link fences can be coated with polyester based electrostatic  powder  or PVC based thermoplastic poweder coating. Pvc coatings are very strong against UV lights. Turkish made pvc coated wire netting and garden fence are in 4.0, 4.3,4.5 and 5 mm of tchikness are very easy of installation.
Chain link pvc wire mesh fence panels are having;
price advantage,
in esthetic designs.
It is very eco-friendly product. Pvc coated wire mesh fencing panels  lenghts can be products in different lenghts and heights. Chain link pvc panels are generally made in green pvc coated colour. Wire fence panels can be also painted in any colour.
Standard is produced in 4 different sizes. (150 x 500 – 150 x 600 – 215 x 500 – 215 x 600)
It is made of black ribbed steel bars with a diameter of 15×5.5 cm and a diameter of 5.0×4.5 mm.
Various aesthetic images can be obtained when combined with steel welded wire mesh.
Is mesh a plastic?
PVC is a plastic polymer. It is an alloy. This combination, which is very durable and robust, is widely used for fence panel covering.


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