Fence Panels

Panel fence ranks first among the most used fence products all over the world. Because it is both a durable and aesthetically beautiful product. As you can see, panel fence systems are very useful and long-lasting. For more information, please contact Turkey’s best fence panel manufacturer with SaglamFence.

Fence Panel ranks first among the most used fence products all over the world. Because it is both a durable and aesthetically beautiful product. Therefore, the application area is quite wide.  Panel fences or fence panels used for different purposes all over the world are frequently used especially in the garden and school environments. Other uses of panel fence are;

Panel Fence usage areas;

  • School
  • Home
  • Garden
  • Company
  • Roadside
  • Nursery
  • Villa
  • Sports complexes
  • Parks

As it is quite common to use in many areas. The price of the panel fence is also very economical. One of the main reasons why users prefer panel fence is that it is economical. Not only does it harm the budget and it makes everyone admire its stylish appearance. Decora Fence panel fence systems do not cause any harm to the environment. All materials used in panel fence production are recyclable and therefore do not harm the environment.

panel fence


Nowadays, security fence systems are among the most widely used products.


  • All panel fences are ISO 9001 certified and TSE guaranteed.
  • We have the potential to produce panel fences in desired dimensions.
  • Installation is carried out in accordance with soil and concrete floors.
  • Galvanized or PVC coated panel fences are available upon request.
  • PVC-coated panel fences are generally green in color and in perfect harmony with nature.
  • The panel used in the assembly is carefully selected with fence accessories and they are never corroded.
  • The most important feature of panel fences is their resistance against corrosion.
  • It is also UV-protected and does not fade.


  • Maintenance-free.
  • Compatible with the environment.
  • Easy to assemble and manufacture.
  • Very long-lasting and budget-friendly.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Extremely resistant to external factors.
  • Economical
  • Very high quality and durable.
  • Does not corrode.


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