Where can I buy Grass Fence Covering

Where can I buy Grass Fence Covering?

Grass fences are the most used privacy fence nowadays. Because people living in villas and houses with gardens prefer lawn fences. Thanks to the grass fences, the inside is not visible from the outside, so people have the privacy they want. Imagine, for example, that there is a pool in the garden of your home and that all passers-by can see inside your home. While you spend time at home and in your own private space, you will not like the fact that foreigners or neighbors are watching you. For this reason, grass control under fences is produced precisely for this purpose. Privacy! There are many companies on the market where you can get Homebase grass fence panels. But the important point here is how reliable the company you are working with.

You will especially want to work with experts who do their job well. This is your natural right. Because we have been in the fence industry for nearly 30 years and we market our grass fence covering to the whole world. As Decora Fence we are the Turkey-based manufacturer of lawn fences. We not only produce our decorative garden fencing but also assemble the grass fences together with our expert and technical team. As you know, grass fence panels are artificial grass on fence and all materials used in production are recyclable. If you ask why grass fences are made of artificial grass, we can answer as follows. Because artificial turf;

  • Very durable compared to natural grass.
  • They are not affected by bad weather conditions.
  • In summer and winter colors do not fade.
  • Although it is an artificial and synthetic product, it is produced in the most realistic proportions.
  • This adds a natural and aesthetic appearance to the product.
  • Artificial grass for the wall does not burn and the sun’s rays can damage them.
  • Because artificial grass fence covering is produced using UV protected materials.
  • It is produced from stainless steel wire mesh panels.

Artificial Grass Fence Panel Manufacturers Near Me

Artificial grass fence panels, which are used in many unimaginable areas, have been preferred in terms of making people feel the peace that green has created. It becomes one of the decoration products which is important for the service sector as it provides peace to the people visually especially in the places where urbanization and concrete life go. As Saglam Fence we have been among the leading companies in the fence industry for more than 30 years. Quality always comes first. Now let’s examine the lawn grass fences in detail.

Grass wall is UV and PVC protected by fringing double winding wires to grass form. It has the ability to reduce the moisture content of the air. It is;

  • robust and lightweight,
  • fire-resistant,
  • long lifespan,
  • economical and
  • environmentally friendly.

For this reason, it is widely used in coating systems. Considering the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere, we can say that it is an environmentally friendly product. This issue is of great importance in terms of affecting human health. The garden fences which have many technical features have an ISO 9001 certificate. All measures have been taken to reduce and eliminate errors and defects. A positive response is provided against customer needs. There is no fading and deterioration in grass fences and it does not catch fire. It is paint-repellent and easy to wash. It can be easily applied to wire mesh fence panels and wall surfaces as support.

Visuality is of great importance even in such simple situations, and it is a visible fact that it is important in institutional and big places. For this reason, the grass fence panel has recently become one of the most preferred landscaping systems. Wire mesh used in ancient times, thick panels resembling a firewall are now being replaced by modernly designed visual things. With the advantages it provides, turf wall decor panels have succeeded in overcoming the other materials in the landscaping systems. When the construction method is looked at, the grass fence panels are made by enclosing the surrounding wires with unnatural grass in terms of shape and size and assembling them to the designated floor with the help of many kinds of accessories. According to the size of the price, the difference is natural.

A decorative grass fence is a building material used in many areas. Real grass is not very easy to grow and maintenance is not very easy. So that artificial grass is used in most areas rather than real grass. Decorative grass is both maintenance-free and not difficult to grow like real grass. Artificial turf does not require any maintenance is enough to clean. As it has a perforated base, it does not leave water on the surface and reduces it to the base. Artificial grass is used in many fields such as cafes and restaurants, parks and gardens, workplaces, carpet pitches, and so on, and there are many types of artificial grass with a long, short, fine-textured, thick-textured, perforated, light color, dark color and so on. There are different varieties suitable for each environment.

While the most durable is used in parks, it tries to gain the usage time, while the restaurants use fine-textured, elegant, and real grass-like products. While the artificial hedge panels used in the workplace are different, the carpet field grass is very very different. If real grass is used in small carpet fields, real grass dries and does not grow because it is constantly printed on, and artificial grass is generally used in carpet fields because it needs to be maintained continuously. Because artificial grass is more durable than real grass. The products used in the construction of artificial grass are products that will increase its durability and make it easy to use in all areas. Even if decorative fence panels are used for decorative purposes it is also necessary to be useful and durable in the area where it was used.

So if you want to decorate your home garden or parks, or cafes or company environment which means anywhere you want, you can contact  Saglam Fence Company as the best decorative grass fence panel manufacturer in Turkey; for cheap and quality garden fencing.

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