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What is Grass Fence?

What is Grass Fence?

A grass fence is a type of fence used for garden landscaping and security. There are many garden fence models. For example, you can use wooden metal or plastic fences as a garden fences. However, the most durable garden fence used today is grass fence panels. Grass fence panels are products known as artificial grass garden fences produced in different colors. This product, which can be produced in any size and will protect your garden against harmful external factors, is very durable.
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Grass fence panels are used for decoration and security purposes all over the world. Grass fence panels are used in gardens, parks, workplaces, and similar places is provided the most practical solution. In addition, thanks to its aesthetic appearance and design, it adds a beautiful image to the area where it is made.

In addition, you can have artificial grass fences with artificial grass that you can mount on the garden fence. Artificial grass fences are among the most modern garden fences in recent years. The most popular model among garden fence ideas is artificial grass fences with their very aesthetic and modern appearance. You can get more information about artificial grass fences by reviewing our website and you can find out the cost of artificial grass by contacting us.

How to find the best grass fence manufacturer?

Sağlam Fence has increased its product range day by day by reflecting its expertise and experience in wire products to construction nail and annealed wire production.

Our company, which sells the goods produced in the hot-dip galvanized wire factory it has established within its structure, to all companies operating in the wire mesh industry throughout the country, increases its production capacity day by day with its successful marketing activities and distribution network. We are proud to be with the best grass fence manufacturer in Turkey and Europe.

The machines used in the field of grass fence covering are produced and systemized by keeping up with the latest technology. It aims to fulfill all requirements for unconditional satisfaction by integrating with its expert staff. It takes into account all kinds of demands and expectations from customers with after-sales customer service, which is one of the most important of these requirements. We specialize not only in selling but also after-sales. We can help you with anything you can think of.

In addition, if you want to prefer only metal fences as garden fence panels, you can examine our fence panels category and get detailed information. Saglam Fence is the best fence manufacturer in Turkey.

As grass fence panel manufacturer and garden fence manufacturer, we are here to give the best services to you. If you need a garden border fence for security you are at the right address. The Garden fence post is so durable and made from metal. So if you need a front garden fence or garden fence for the backyard please contact us to get more detailed information.

How to Understand Grass Fence Quality?

It is quite easy to understand the quality of grass fences. Grass fences should be made of materials resistant to UV rays. The quality of the fence you will buy determines that it does not fade over time. Therefore, you can buy a quality fence by choosing grass fences that are resistant to sunlight.

How high can a grass fence be?

The length of the grass fence can be up to 2 meters high, depending on the size of your area. Grass fences are manufactured by automatic machines and because of that reason, grass fences are very high quality and can be used for a long time. Metal fences as grass fences can be installed through screws on the cement base. Most of the metal fences are either 3.0 mm or 3.5 mm. The mesh size of metal fences could be different. Metal fences can be manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized wires.

How long will artificial grass fences last?

Artificial grass is a product that is used in many fields and has different types today. No matter which field artificial grass is used, its lifetime is very long. Artificial grass with a lifetime of at least 10 years is a life-long product when used as grass fences. Because it is very durable and does not wear out over time. It is resistant to bad weather and does not wear over time. It is resistant to sun rays and does not fade over time.

Grass Fence Size Table

Height 50 – 80 – 100 – 120 – 150 – 175 – 200 – 250 cm ( Custom size can be produces)
Width 50 cm
Eye Ranges 5 × 10
Thickness 5 – 5 mm
Color The standard color is green, but other colors are made.
Pole 50 × 50-60 × 60 2 mm Profile is used.
Coating: Galvanized and PVC static paint.
Usage Classic grass panel fence is suitable for use in gardens, border determination, animal cages, and all areas.
Advantages The panel fence is robust and durable, maintenance-free, safe deterrent, and aesthetically modern. Our grass panel fences have UV-protected materials.


Mounting Mounted on walls and ground floors.

 Is Artificial Grass Fence Panels the best garden fencing?

Of course, you want your gardens to look visually beautiful. For this, it is easy to find a solution. You can get a beautiful view by covering your garden with artificial grass fence panels. Another dimension of this is the security of your home. The best type of fence for a garden is artificial grass fence panels.

Today, environmental security is so important. There are many methods of using environmental safety. Grass fence panels are one of these methods. Thanks to this method, which is used quite popular in recent years, it provides both environmental safety and a beautiful appearance.

Artificial grass fence panels are also known as outdoor artificial grass walls. As we mentioned above, outdoor artificial grass can be used both peacefully and decoratively. Since it is visually beautiful, artificial grass gives people peace of mind.

Consider that the 4 sides of your garden are covered with artificial grass. It is a peaceful product that will make you feel like in a forest with wall grass. The power of green and nature is reflected in artificial grass on fences and this will make you very happy. You can experience the peace of nature without leaving your home with grass fences.

Artificial Grass Fence is a decorative application that is used in many areas and protects its color for years since it is UV protected.

At Saglam Fence, we are proud of achieving great works in the fence sector all over the world by working with years of experience. Grass fence systems are an economical, high-quality, and reliable application and are applied to every place where you need them.

When we look at the past 10 years we realized that artificial grass fence panels are so popular.

Artificial grass on the fence is the most used decoration product today. Because it is very durable and robust, it is suitable for use in many areas. Artificial grass fence panels and artificial grass applications can be used for indoor and outdoor areas. Below you will find common areas where artificial grass fence panels and artificial grass are used.

Where to use Artificial Grass Fence Panels?

  • Buildings
  • Parks
  • Pools
  • Cafeteria
  • Restaurants
  • Villas
  • Balconies and terraces
  • Walls
  • Gardens
  • Roadside
  • Sports Complexes
  • Roofing
  • Facade Coatings

Other than the areas mentioned above, grass fence coatings are used wherever desired.

Especially in garden decoration wall grass fence panels are used mostly. You do not require maintenance grass fences because grass fence panels do not require maintenance and care.

Artificial Grass Fences as Privacy Fence Panels

It is also known as privacy fences. This grass fence system is the best fencing idea ever. Known as a privacy fence, these grass fences never allow the inside to be visible from the outside. Therefore, users are very satisfied with artificial grass fence panels.

While you enjoy your garden with your family, both inside and outside the inside is absolutely invisible. It offers you a private living space. And it won’t let anyone and any living thing disturb you.

As you can see, you can make your own private space life with grass fences and at the same time, you can ensure your safety.

The grass fence panel is a type of artificial grass. It is covering a traditional fence with synthetic fibers, as we also know as artificial grass. The color of these panels is generally green. But according to customer desire, we can produce the panel in any type of color. If you want to have both safety and landscaping at the same time, you should definitely choose the privacy fence systems.

You can see the best grass fence panel applications on our website. And you can buy grass fence panels at the best price from us. Contact us and get more information about artificial grass fence prices.

Can you cover a fence with artificial grass?

Fences can be covered with artificial grass. So how? Check out the details in our content and learn the most beautiful grass fence ideas.

Artificial grass is a product used in many different areas today. One of the best examples of this is the grass fence. A grass fence is a type of fence offered to the user by covering panel fences or wire fences with artificial grass. It is very popular today because it has a very stylish and aesthetic appearance when compared to a panel fence or wire fence. It also protects the privacy of your living spaces and prevents the inside from being seen from the outside.

Garden fences have been used for a long time and change over time. Previously, wooden fences were used as garden fences. But the wooden fences were wearing out over time and creating a bad image. With the developing technology in recent times, wire fence and panel fence products have replaced the wooden fence. Wire fences and panel fences are very long-lasting fence types that are resistant to rust and bad weather conditions. Over time, landscape experts invented artificial grass fence panels to make the fences look more natural. Artificial grass is covered over existing fences, creating grass fence products.

In addition, artificial grass is an aesthetic and natural-looking product that can be applied to different areas such as wall coverings and floor coverings.

Artificial grass fences are quite easy to install. Artificial grass in rolls is cut and produced according to the size of your existing panel or wire fences. Then, it is mounted on the fence panels together with the roll artificial turf apparatus sent to you.

You can learn how to install artificial grass fence panels by clicking our content here.

Which is Better: Wooden Fences and Grass Fences?

As we mentioned, wooden fences were the types of fences used in the past. However, its popularity ended after the use of artificial grass fences. There are many reasons for this.

In particular, the wear, cracking, and swelling of wood over time restricted the use of wooden fences. Instead, longer-lasting artificial grass fences are used. The life of wooden fences is limited. There are not many options visually. However, for artificial grass fences, there are many options, and different decorations can be made on decorative terms.

If you are looking for a garden lawn fence, artificial turf is a great opportunity for you. At Saglam Fence, we guarantee the grass wall fences we produce. And we work with 100% customer satisfaction. We have many references around the world and we continue to improve ourselves.

Lawn fence prices are quite affordable. Never see the money you will spend as wasted. We give you the guarantee of grass fences that you can use with peace of mind for many years.

As seen, grass fence applications can be used easily in all areas. Garden, park, villas, companies, or other places, where ever you want the grass fences can be built.

The green color is one of the colors that relax and give us peace in every aspect of our lives. We, as Saglam Fence, offer our grass fence panels as green color to your appreciation. Our products can be produced with artificial grass in desired sizes and dimensions.

Saglam Fence privacy fencing systems manufactured with its expert employees, reliable and customer-oriented service concept continue to serve you. For more information, please visit our website and contact us.

Now decide which garden fence is more beautiful? Grass Fence or Wooden Fence?

If you decide to buy artificial grass fences below you can see the advantages of artificial grass fence panels in detail.

Advantages of Artificial Grass Fence Panels

Artificial grass fences have so many advantages. We have already mentioned the advantages of cost and maintenance. But artificial has so many other beneficial ways.

Nature-compatible and environment-friendly grass fences seem more alive than natural. This is another advantage of landscaping.

  • Grass fence covering give your places a decorative stylish atmosphere with their natural grass fence appearance.
  • It is a natural grass-looking product.
  • Lawn fence systems that stand out in landscaping and decoration provide a fresh and natural greening with its lawn appearance
  • Artificial grass fence applications, which provide a natural look for those who are bored from concrete, wood, or iron appearance, make the place look like grass and save it from the cold and classic look.
  • It gives the place a soft and calm image.
  • The dimensions of the space to be applied are taken and assembled in a short time in a practical way with the appropriate apparatus.
  • Since it is fireproof and does not spill it can be used safely in 4 seasons.
  • Removable grass fence coverings can be installed in any other space. The privacy fences, which is extremely economical compared to normal grass, is easy to maintain and practical to clean.
  • Since it is used with the color and quality of the first day for at least 10 years, it is the choice of those who want natural and comfortable environments.

In these types of grass fences; natural lawn appearance is desired, grass fences are visual and useful applications that change the air of many places today. Privacy fences, which create the most beautiful lawn-looking spaces, are preferred because they are economical and practical in greening.

We serve the world with the mission of professionally applying high-quality fence products produced with the latest technology. We work with our current strength to produce the most efficient solutions for short-term fence applications and garden landscaping.

Foreseeing for the future is always in the foreground for us. In the coming years, we are working with the vision of being a company that combines quality presentation with technology and realizes the best fence applications.

Who is responsible for the grass fence?

There is no certain grass fence law. There is no clear rule about who is responsible for the right or left side of the grass fence. That’s why you can talk to your neighbors and make the right decision together. You can protect your gardens by calling your neighbor about front garden fences and backyard fences. In this way, both your and your neighbor’s garden will be safe.

Grass Fence Color Ideas

There are so many grass-fence color ideas. The standard color of the grass fence is green. The green grass fence has so modern view. But if you like different colors such as pink, red or green garden fences can be produced like that. Below you can see the grass fence color ideas according to the artificial grass fence colors. You can use garden border fence models as garden fence screening.

Whether you have a small garden or a large garden. We have a small grass fence and a large grass fence for your garden decorations. With garden fence decorations your garden has an excellent view.

Call us for more information about grass fence prices.

Garden Fence Ideas

Below you can see the best garden fence ideas as grass fences. The quality of the grass fence is taken from the materials from which it is produced. The grass fence types produced in our company are made of PVC materials that are resistant to sun rays. In this way, it can be produced outdoors, to be exposed to direct sunlight. Besides, its quality can be understood by its color fading. Made of durable and quality materials, the colors of grass fences do not fade over time. The most important feature of the exterior artificial green wall is privacy. You can use artificial green walls as outdoor privacy fences. If you want to see your garden modern and decorative, you can contact us for exterior green wall prices and get more detailed information.

Garden fences are very important products that are necessary to protect your garden. Garden fences that prevent damage to your garden from outside are produced in many different ways. Today we will examine which is the best type of fence for your garden.

As you know, there are wooden fences, metal fences, and wire mesh fences used for gardens. Besides, we would like to introduce you to a brand new product developed for your gardens in recent years. These garden fences, which are called grass fences, are very durable products produced using artificial grass.

Best Grass Fence Ideas

A grass fence is a type of fence that is often used especially for garden decoration. The reason why it has been used frequently in recent years is that it is a very durable, long-lasting product that does not fade in 4 seasons. Today, we will present you with images of the most beautiful grass fence models and examples of grass fences that you can use in the garden, school, highway, workplace, factory, or in many different places.

Saglam Fence is a company that specialized in the production and installation of grass fences. If you want to get detailed information about grass fence models, you can click the link and discover the most beautiful grass fence ideas. Now we have compiled the most beautiful grass fence ideas to set an example for you.

Grass Fence For City Landscape

For example, the grass fence you see below is a grass fence made to make the city landscape look more beautiful. Garbage bins were covered with artificial grass fences and the bad image was destroyed and a natural and undisturbed image emerged. One of the most used areas of grass fences is the city landscape.

Grass Fence for Garden

Grass fence is one of the most preferred products in recent years to ensure garden decoration and garden security. In the example below, you may have noticed that the garden with the grass fence has a completely green and natural look. In addition, the garden, which does not have a grass fence, has a plain and unpretentious appearance. Therefore, the grass fence not only prevents the entry of waste materials and wild animals into your garden but also separates you from other houses with its aesthetic appearance. This gives your home a more stylish and modern look.

Grass Fence for Factory

In the example below, you can see the grass fence application on the panel fence. The biggest difference between panel fences and grass fences is privacy. A grass fence provides privacy as it prevents the inside from being seen from the outside. That’s why grass fences are also called privacy fences. In addition, as can be seen from the picture, a grass fence can be applied to previously existing fences. For example, if there is a panel fence or wire fence application in the garden or company, you can get a beautiful view by covering them with a grass fence.

Grass Fence for Privacy

In the example below, you see the grass fence application made in the garden of a villa with a pool. In this application, the purpose of grass fences is to prevent the inside from being seen when viewed from the outside. Therefore, grass fences are used for privacy in pool villas or sites. Grass fences have very small eye openings, so it is not possible to see inside when viewed from the outside. You can use your garden comfortably by using this advantage of grass fences.

Grass Fence for a Natural Look

Grass fences are very flashy and modern products when compared to natural grass. In addition, grass fences are of higher quality and longer life than natural grass. Therefore, instead of covering your garden with natural grass, you can provide a longer-lasting use by covering it with a grass fence. In addition, grass fences do not have maintenance costs. It does not require irrigation and fertilization like natural grass. Who wouldn’t want to buy a product that is both affordable and has a low maintenance cost?

Garden Decoration with Grass Fence

Decorating with a grass fence is very easy and enjoyable. Because grass fences are produced from a vibrant green color that can adapt to any color. Grass fences are produced in different colors such as pink, red or yellow upon request. Decorative objects, flower pots, lights, and similar things that you can hang on the grass fence will also make it easier for you to decorate the garden with the grass fence.

Pot Covering with Grass Fence

One of the most beautiful garden decoration ideas, grass fences and potting will make your garden look more beautiful. By covering the pots in the garden with a grass fence, you will have a natural look and a very modern garden. The easiest way to provide integrity in the garden is to decorate with a grass fence.

As you can see, grass fence models are quite a lot. You can have a grass fence application applied to any area you want to cover. Grass fence installation is quite easy. Grass fence installation is done quickly with Saglam Fence. If you are looking for a cheap grass fence, you are at the right place. Just contact us for grass fence prices.


  • How many years will the grass fences last?
    Grass fence is produced in roll length of at least 100 meters. It is a type of fence with 100% UV protection. Grass fence service life is at least 5 years. It is highly resistant to bad weather conditions. It is produced using rust-resistant material, which ensures a longer service life.
  • Is an artificial grass fence useful?
    Grass fence is a very useful and very durable fence type when compared with other fence types. This is because it provides 100% protection. Especially when viewed from the outside, it is the most admired feature of the grass fence that it prevents the inside from being seen. It is also aesthetically more beautiful than other fence types. It is an important part of the garden landscape. Its service life is also quite long. There is no maintenance cost, so it does not upset the user in any way.
  • What is the price of a wire mesh fence?
    Wire fencing prices vary depending on the wire fence type. Galvanized wire fence prices and PVC coated wire fence prices are different. Accordingly, the quality of the wire fence also has an impact on its prices. If you are looking for high quality and affordable wire fence, call us now.
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