Grass fences are four seasons of green products that prevent unwanted images. Grass fences love water, cold, and heat. It is practical, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and has an aesthetic appearance. It is the product of a long-lasting creative work. It can be installed by the user or the installation team with the same ease. You determine the size and it is produced only for you.

Another name for lawn fences is the artificial green wall covering. The reason for this is that it is produced from the most beautiful shade of green and gives the appearance of an artificial green wall covering after assembly.

Grass Fence is a new generation product. The reason why this product is a new generation, or rather a new generation, is different from the grass carpet used in carpet field construction, this grassed fence is produced for use only on surfaces.

Artificial Green Wall Covering product is not used on the ground, that is, it is not recommended for use. Grassed Fence is easy to use and easy to install. You can install it in any area you like and disassemble it whenever you want and apply it to a different area (except the floor) on the surface.

  • The products are 100% of our manufacture.

You can create decorative fence partitions indoors and outdoors with a Grass Fence consisting of artificial grass. The grass used on the stainless wire is specially made of PVC material. Grass Fence; does not ignite, fade, spoil or spill. Lawn Fence, which can be washed and does not hold paint, can be made in desired sizes. These features of the Artificial Grass fence are the most important factors in choosing.

Grass Fence panels can be used in many areas with their durability and aesthetic appearance. Particularly preferred outdoors, the grass fence panel can be applied as an existing wire mesh, wall surface, as a roller between the poles, and as a panel in areas where there is no supporting element.


Wall Grass

Those beautiful products that we have been used to seeing recently, perhaps most of us do not know the name of, which we usually see on the walls, remind us of green are the result of technological developments. These products are called artificial hedge fence panels.

The maintenance of natural grass is quite difficult and over time it will fade. Such situations caused the disappointment of people who will make garden landscaping. However, artificial turf fence panels have found a solution to this crisis. And garden landscaping has started a new era.


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