Green Wall

Artificial green wall are the most widely used fence systems for our safety and decorative purposes.

Garden tree fence are produced in different designs and colors for garden or different area’s decorations.



What is the best type of fence for gardens?

There are many questions about the durability or robustness of garden tree fences. Especially its resistance to bad weather is highly considered. At Dekora Fence, we produce the best quality and durable grass fences. Thanks to the special materials I use in our production, our artificial grass fence panels are extremely resistant to bad weather conditions. Especially in windy weather, it is mounted with privacy fence accessories in order to be durable.

Grass fences can be produced from scratch or mounted on your existing panel fences. The most important reason why artificial green walls are made of artificial grass is to be durable. When durable artificial lawns combine with durable fence panels, products of tremendous quality are produced.

Yes, the artificial green wall is the best choice for your home garden decoration..


What are the best fence ideas for your home?

the best fence idea for your home is an artificial green wall. Because;

  • The effects of the green wall on decoration; It is a color that rests the green eyes and reduces the feeling of excitement and provides peace in the spaces.
  • A relaxing color of green has a soothing, calming effect on tired people.
  • It is recommended to have plenty of green plants in the houses as it creates an eternal sense of spirituality and peace.
  • On the other hand, the green color used in offices leaves a reassuring impression.
  • If someone is depressed after meeting the grass fence covering will help you to recover.


How to choose the best fence for my garden?

Our artificial grass fence panels create decorative grass fence partitions in interior and exterior areas of alternative places and give a different appearance to the structure. These panels made of special PVC material are applied to stainless steel.

  • lower price
  • lower maintenance
  • lower cleaning

Artificial hedge panels have so many advantages.

The quality of the lawn fence is taken from the materials from which it is produced. The grass fence types produced in our company are made of PVC materials that are resistant to sun rays. In this way, it can be produced outdoors, to be exposed to direct sunlight. Besides, its quality can be understood by its color fading. Made of durable and quality materials, the colors of grass fences do not fade over time. The most important feature of the exterior artificial green wall is privacy. You can use artificial green walls as outdoor privacy fences.


Artificial Green Wall For Privacy

Artificial Green Wall For Privacy

Privacy is important to all of us. So we want to protect ourselves, our family, our friends from some external factors. If you have a house with a garden, you will be more careful about this. Because when you want to spend time in the garden of your home, you become open to the outside world. You want the special moments and times you spend with your loved ones to be just for you. You don’t want an outside eye to watch or see you. Of course, this is your most natural right.

Today, some systems have been developed to provide privacy in gardens. As Sağlam Fence, we are happy to serve you in this regard. Artificial green wall for privacy used in the garden, balcony, terrace and so many places you want.

With these fences that provide complete security for your gardens, someone can’t see you from the outside. You can provide complete privacy with grass fences produced in different heights and widths according to the height of your garden. The difference between turf fences from normal fence panels is that they are produced using artificial turf. We aim to give you the highest quality service with special machines used in the production of artificial grass fences.


How much do green walls/vertical gardens cost?

The cost of the turf wall decor differentiates according to your area’s square meters.

Please contact us for learning the cost of grass fence covering.


Which is the best company for artificial putting green?

Decora Fence’s grass fence product can be used all indoor and outdoor. Its main purpose is to obtain a lush panel/wall and provide the closest view to the natural grass. An artificial hedge can be used as an interior partition and short wall material both indoors and outdoors. Grass fence panels can be produced in different sizes and heights according to your requests. The grass fence is produced by coating synthetic grass on steel structures. An artificial leaf privacy fence can be made logo and decorative wrought iron works on the front surface areas optionally.

Imagine an area that is maintenance-free, weather-resistant, outperforms natural grass, ivy, and lasts up to 10 years. When you compare an area built with a grass fence to natural grass, you will see that it is much cheaper.


Which do you prefer: artificial grass or natural grass?

You should prefer Artificial grass  on fence because;

  • Robust,
  • Lightweight,
  • Fire Resistant,
  • Long-lasting,
  • Economic,
  • Environmentally Friendly Material

so artificial grass is an advantage when compared to natural grass.


How many years do grass wall has a warranty?

Our artificial grass fences with a guarantee of at least 10 years will add color to your life and make you happier.


How to install grass fence panels?

Especially if you have a garden in your home, you are also lucky. Because your garden could be covered with privacy fences. With grass fences, you will be safe.

  • The durable structures can be used for many years easily.
  • Since it is resistant to sun rays, it always remains alive in nature.
  • Built on wire mesh fence or panel fence.
  • Highly durable.
  • Green is the most preferred color.
  • Grass fences produced with artificial grass.


Where to buy a grass wall?

As you can see, artificial grass fence applications can be used for security and decoration purposes for every area you want. Decora Fences is the most beautiful company for the grass fence manufacturing sector. We are using the best quality artificial grass in our products. For more information, please contact us. Stay safe with green!

So you should choose us.


Artificial Grass Wall Outdoor

Artificial Grass Wall Outdoor

Since grass fence systems are an economical and decorative product, they are especially preferred for image screening. It is a kind of grass wall application to prevent private areas such as villas, gardens, workplaces from being seen from the outside. By applying on the garden wall, the view of the grass garden wall can be provided. The grass fence provides an aesthetic appearance in the form of a green fence, especially when used with a panel fence.

Artificial grass wall for outdoor manufactured for different places.

Artificial grass wall outdoor rolls are made from non-flammable PVC with a special formula UV protection factor and electrostatic stainless galvanized two wires are compressed and knitted in special machines. Grass fence covering rolls are produced in desired dimensions.

One of the most important reasons why fence systems are so widespread is that the systems are easy to apply, remove, and are more economical than other systems. This issue was also taken into consideration during the development of the product, and it was produced in a way that it will not be damaged by bad weather conditions during the winter.

Grass fence systems are more resistant to natural conditions compared to their counterparts in the market thanks to the double-wrapped galvanized wire skeleton and the texture made of high-quality PCV. Easy and fast assembly is made by our installation teams.

Artificial Grass Wall Installation

To increase the durability of the artificial grass fence, it is assembled with the correct mounting techniques.

Generally, the places where the grass fence is mounted are road fronts. For this reason, the texture of the grass-like hedges exposed to heavy dust appears dirty. It is useful to clean it during the hours when there is no intense sun (such as in the evening). At noon, water grains that will accumulate on the grass fence in the summer can act as a lens, which can cause your grass fence to wear out faster.

Artificial Grass fence systems prevent you from seeing the bad image outside while hiding from the outside due to its glass-like surface. Also, a lawn-fenced facade adds aesthetic value to your workplace, home, and site.

Grass fence application is widely used to create images and wind curtains.

Fire Resistant Grass Fence – Flame Resistant

It is a product that is durable for at least 10 years and can be used without any damage. Because of its simplicity, it does not bother. It is highly resistant to bad weather conditions. It is not damaged in weather conditions such as rain and snow. The grass used in production stands on stainless wires and is produced from PVC materials.

It was produced by taking into account the accidents that occurred as a result of danger and carelessness. Artificial hedge panels have features such as non-flaming and fading color. When it is washed, it does not hold paint and stain and is easy to clean. When the size preference is made by the customer, the price of the turf fence changes.

Another danger of external products is possible fires. It was also thought that the grass parts of the grass fence could be burned in a possible fire, the product was produced in a fire-resistant manner. We would like to mention to you that the grass fences will not rust.

  • Grass Fence is a special construction material for decorative purposes applied to prevent the interior from being seen when viewed from the outside.
  • Artificial grass wall outdoor does not cause visual pollution in the area where it is applied.
  • Because they resemble natural plants in color and shape, they create a decorative beauty.
  • These materials used for years without maintenance are also functional in terms of technology and safety.
  • They are not damaged against ultraviolet rays.
  • They provide a summer-winter green color appearance.
  • They can be washed and cleaned at any time and they never catch fire with fire.

Artificial Grass Fence Systems are used to provide security!

The artificial green wall for outdoor is known today as a modern fence system. It applies to parks, gardens, workplaces, and cafes where the architect desires to be designed to obtain a natural look. It is possible to design in desired dimensions and shapes.

Although it has different options together, it is recently preferred in the environmental regulation system. We can meet many people, institutions, and organizations. It is quite satisfactory in terms of aesthetics and always responds positively to customer needs in terms of security.

Thanks to the glass wall, you will be able to get a beautiful and aesthetic garden look without hassle and fatigue. When the garden arrangement is done under normal conditions, the work does not end quickly. Plant ivy used for landscaping, for example, is a job that requires constant care and needs to be pruned. Otherwise, if the necessary maintenance is not done, the garden will look worse than before.

As the workload that needs to be dealt with increases, both time loss increases and you get tired. However, there will be situations such as care of the plants according to the weather conditions and demanding constant attention for environmental care on behalf of the garden. To avoid such situations, people prefer grass fence covering systems.

The faux grass wall covering system is also very convenient and suitable for security problems. Due to the frequent encounters with bad situations such as theft, everyone has the instinct to protect them. There is a need for a containment system for protection, especially for those living in large houses and large gardens. These containment systems must also have certain and important features.

Artificial grass fence, which provides convenience in terms of cleaning and maintenance as well as security, provides an advantage in this aspect. It does not create a bad odor by getting wet in bad weather conditions such as rain and snow. Color fading does not occur. There is no such thing as deterioration in the grass structure over time.

You can contact us for fake grass on the fence. We are one of the best artificial grass fencing manufacturers in Turkey. So you can call us and get more information about the outdoor grass wall.


Environmentally Friendly Grass Wall

Grass fences are practical, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and aesthetic. Grass fences, which is the product of a long-lasting creative work, are a new generation product. The reason why this product is a new generation or rather a new generation is different from the grass carpet used in the construction of the carpet field, the grass fence is produced for use only on surfaces.

Grassy Fence product is not used on the ground, it is not recommended to use it. It is easy to use and effortless to install and install. You can install it in any area you want, you can disassemble it and apply it to a different area on the surface.

It is made for the application of areas on the grass fence panel fence surfaces, on the panel, on the wire mesh surfaces of panel fences.

Grass fence is widely used as one of the new generation products. Grass fences generally have a different structure than the grass carpet used when making a carpeted field. Therefore, it is considered a new generation fence.

Grass fences; Unlike grass carpet, it is designed to be used only on certain surfaces. The use of lawn fence products is very practical, but it is also easy to install. Besides being easy to assemble, it is quite practical to disassemble and move it to a different area. In terms of turf fence prices, it is more economical than turf carpet.


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