Grass Wall

Grass Wall, Outdoor Wall Panels are suitable for use in open areas such as home gardens, farms and chalets.

This grass wall fence is manufactured according to certain specifications and is modern and has a new patent.



What are the Benefits of a grass wall?

We have a special machine which they twist the wire and put PVC leafs between the wires in order to manufacture artificial grass fence coverings.. As a fence grass barrier manufacturer, we are producing artificial grass wall panels in different heights such as 100 cm,120 cm,150 cm,180 cm and 200 cm. The benefits of grass wall;

  • Our grass fences do not fade easily.
  • The durability of our artificial grass fences is perfect.
Faux Grass Wall Decor

The decoration is a detail that we all care about and care about. That’s why we want to decorate our house or garden in different ways. We all love the look and feel of the grass. That’s why we want to have a lawn in the garden of our house. However, the maintenance of natural grass is quite difficult. When it rains, the soil is eroded, everywhere becomes mud. When drought occurs, the life of natural grass is shortened.

Since such situations are in question, people do not want to prefer natural grass. Faux grass is also a product that entered our lives at this point. Faux grass, also known as artificial grass, is a product frequently used for indoor decorations and garden decorations today. Artificial grass, which is often used for garden floors, is also frequently used for wall decoration.

For example, you can place different decorative objects on the walls you cover with faux grass.

  • A flower pot with colorful flowers
  • Color framed pictures
  • Decorative paintings
  • Decorative objects
  • bird nests

You can apply any decorative application you can think of on faux grass wall decors.

As we mentioned, it is suitable for use in external conditions. However, it is also widely used in indoor wall decorations.

How to stick artificial grass on the wall?

Artificial grass is adhered to the wall with the help of strong adhesives or with a staple gun. At this point, it is important to use quality materials. Artificial grass wall applications and floor applications are different from each other.

You can get detailed information about this subject from our customer representatives. If you are looking for the best faux grass manufacturer Saglam Fence here to serve you.

Faux grass roll is produced entirely in our production facilities. artificial grass wall decor products that we export to the whole world from Turkey are quite durable and long-lasting. Artificial grass use life is at least 20 years. This is an indication that a small cost will make you a very good thing.

For artificial grass decor ideas, you can review our website and get ideas from other articles. Our blog was created to answer your questions completely. You can find everything you are looking for from our website, including grass fences, artificial grass wall ideas, grass wall indoor, faux grass, etc.

Artificial Grass Wall Ideas

An artificial plastic green grass wall is a product that you can use in many areas. If you want, you can use it on your home wall, company decoration, or garden decoration with peace of mind. You can see the faux grass wall decor ideas in the images below.

Consider decorating children’s rooms with artificial grass wall decor. Wouldn’t it be nice? You can both make the floor of the children’s room with artificial grass and make the wall decoration with artificial grass.

Faux Grass Wall Decor (1)  Faux Grass Wall Decor (6)

At this point, the choice is up to you. You can create wonderful decorative looks by expanding your imagination. With artificial grass flooring and wall covering, you can turn your child’s room into a carpet pitch. Isn’t it fun?

Faux Grass Wall Decor (2)

In the wedding event, you can prepare an artificial grass wall background and take great photos with your loved ones in front. All of them will be photographs that we will keep as a beautiful moment.

Faux Grass Wall Decor (3)

You can decorate different areas such as offices, gardens, parks, playgrounds, and nurseries with faux grass wall decor. You just ask. The faux grass takes care of the rest.


Where to buy artificial grass fences?

Grass fence panels are one of the types of grass fences. As it has an element of nature such as grass, it provides an aesthetic appearance to the area where it is used. Thanks to this feature, it is used quite frequently especially in landscaping. Although the turf used is artificial turf, it has been the focus of interest in parks, land, land, home gardens, or gardens of any institution. The primary reason for choosing turf wall decor so much is that it has a very strong and durable structure and suitable amounts have been determined for grass fence prices. With the grass fence, you can create a beautiful appearance both indoors and outdoors. While you can create a very stylish look in the garden of your home, you can give lawn fence areas to your own café with a very nice view.

So you should buy Decora Fence’s grass fence coverings.


Fire Resistant Grass Fence – Flame Resistant

Fire Resistant Grass Fence – Flame Resistant

It is a product that is durable for at least 10 years and can be used without any damage. Because of its simplicity, it does not bother. It is highly resistant to bad weather conditions. It is not damaged in weather conditions such as rain and snow. The grass used in production stands on stainless wires and is produced from PVC materials.

It was produced by taking into account the accidents that occurred as a result of danger and carelessness. Artificial hedge panels have features such as non-flaming and fading color. When it is washed, it does not hold paint and stain and is easy to clean. When the size preference is made by the customer, the price of the turf fence changes.

Another danger of external products is possible fires. It was also thought that the grass parts of the grass fence could be burned in a possible fire, the product was produced in a fire-resistant manner. We would like to mention to you that the grass fences will not rust.

  • Grass Fence is a special construction material for decorative purposes applied to prevent the interior from being seen when viewed from the outside.
  • Artificial grass wall outdoor does not cause visual pollution in the area where it is applied.
  • Because they resemble natural plants in color and shape, they create a decorative beauty.
  • These materials used for years without maintenance are also functional in terms of technology and safety.
  • They are not damaged against ultraviolet rays.
  • They provide a summer-winter green color appearance.
  • They can be washed and cleaned at any time and they never catch fire with fire.


How to install grass fence panels?

Grass fence panels do not require strenuous maintenance, so they are highly preferred in enterprises. The lawn fence does not require such maintenances, as it would be a waste of time to deal with the maintenance and cleaning of any system used only for containment. Can be used for at least 5 years without damage. It is a much better form of decoration than ivy. Its simplicity and fatigue are some of the features that emphasize the product. Artificial grass wall panels install according to is also resistant to bad weather. When rained, it gets wet when it snows. The grass used in its production is made of PVC material and rests on the stainless wire.


How many years your grass wall has a warranty?

Grass fences have at least a 10-year warranty.

The reason why grass walls can stay green all the time is that they are produced from UV-protected materials. At the same time, synthetic grass fences are resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Thanks to the special coating materials used in production, they are absolutely not affected by the sun’s rays and do not fade in their colors.

In addition, grass fences are also fire-resistant. There may be malicious people out there. This is why it is important that your lawn fences are fire-resistant. Robust Fence artificial grass hedges are fire resistant and fireproof. Our products are TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) approved.

As DecoraFence, we generally export to Europe and the Middle East but we export grass fences all over the world. As you can see, our products are very durable and robust. If you want, you can obtain more durable products by covering your lawn hedges with razor wires. For more information, please contact us.


Wall Grass Manufacturer in Turkey

Decorating is a nice hobby for many people. There are many types of decoration such as home decoration, garden decoration, kitchen decoration, bathroom decoration, children’s room decoration. These decoration variants, indoor and outdoor, vary. However, artificial grass is the most used material for decoration today.

The most desired changes in the home decoration are the walls. Walls are areas decorated with classical paintings or wall clocks in traditional decoration techniques. However, in modern decoration methods, wall decorations have reached a very different dimension.

Wallgrass produced for wall decoration allows us to make a wide variety of modern and aesthetic decorations. We are talking about wall grass, but artificial grass, as you know, is also a type of carpet and can be used for floor coveringArtificial grass carpet decoration is frequently used in children’s rooms, nurseries, schools, playgrounds, or gardens.

Who does not want to turn a child’s room into an artificial grass football field? Especially boys fall in love with this decoration.

Wall Grass in Turkey

As we mentioned above, wall grass is a very successful product in terms of decoration. Produced using artificial grass, this product is quite durable. Artificial grass, developed and improved over time, took its final form as the 3rd generation artificial grass. The third generation of artificial grass is the artificial grass model used today. The features of this lawn are as follows;

  • It resists for many years in bad weather conditions.
  • Like natural grass, it does not fade over time and its color does not change.
  • As it is resistant to UV rays, it preserves its original color.
  • Suitable for 4 seasons usage.
  • It is very easy to clean if it will be used indoors. It can be easily cleaned with the help of a dust cloth.
  • No materials harmful to health are used in its production.
  • It is produced using completely recycled materials.
  • It does not harm your budget since its lifetime is quite long.

As you can see, the features of the wall grass are quite wide. Therefore, you can choose wall grass with peace of mind for decoration. As Saglam Fence we are a grass fences manufacturer in Turkey and if you are looking for an artificial grass wall panels manufacturer, please contact us.

Artificial Grass Wall Panels for Decoration

Another use of artificial wall grass is the grass fence. Grass fences can be used frequently in garden wall decoration and to provide garden security. A lawn fence is quite durable and long-lasting like a grass wall. Following your request, razor wire can be drawn on the grass fences and security measures of your garden can be increased.

Another name for grass fences is the privacy fence. As you can see from its name, it is a product that prevents your garden from being seen from the outside. The mesh gaps are filled with artificial turf and they do not allow the inside to be seen when viewed from the outside. It can also be quite long since it can be produced at different heights.

Artificial grass wall panels, also known as grass fences, are very useful products for your safety. So we recommend you to choose. It is possible to produce in different sizes and sizes since it can be produced in a customized and field-specific manner.

As Sağlam Fence, we produce your products meticulously with 100% customer satisfaction and send them to you. As our production and distribution network are very wide, we deliver it to you in a short time depending on the number of your products.


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