Grass Fence Covering

Grass Fence Covering is the most common material to protect and decorate our garden, terrace, borders, or other places. There are a lot of grass fence manufacturers in Turkey.

As Decora Fence we are the most experienced company when compared to the other ones.



We Have 30 years experience in this sector.

Decorative grass fences panel are the most widely used exterior decoration product in recent years. You can create your own living space by covering the garden of your house with grass fences. Grass fences are manufactured using artificial turf as the name suggests. Artificial grass fences made by covering them on wire mesh fences or panel fences help you to form a whole with your house. The use of grass fences is not limited to houses. It is widely used.


Advantages of artificial grass fence panels

The best type of grass fences can be also dyed to any color during production. Most of the consumers are buying green color because it looks very natural. Nowadays there is a new product in the market which is called artificial hedge panels. The grass fence is made of galvanized wires and PVC leafs. Grass wall fences or grass fences can be manufactured in different mesh holes and heights. Consumers are mostly buying wall grass rather than buying metal fences because grass fence a lot of advantages.

  • First of all, it gives a natural look.
  • Secondly, it can be easily installed through a wire.
  • Thirdly fake grass panels can be manufactured in any color.
  • Fourthly grass walls are also used to have privacy in the gardens or swimming pools.
  • Grass fence panels by another name hedge panels or artificial grass panels can be also used as decorative items.
  • Grass fence panels can be used in the decoration of gardens, wedding areas, restaurant gardens, school gardens, etc.


Benefits of grass wall

In addition to saving time and low cost in the maintenance of the lawn fence area, it saves you undeniably much time. You can use that time by drinking a coffee in the nature-friendly compartment made with a grass fence. Thus the answer is certainly positive when considering the lifetime of the grass fence. Artificial grass on fence is cheaper than natural grass and there are no irrigation or maintenance costs.

Decorative grass fence or grass fence is not made of plastic, carpet, boxwood fence products, it is produced from special PVC reinforced against sun rays. UV protected. Decorative grass fence is produced with stainless, treated galvanized wires. Artificial grass fence coverings do not catch fire. Decora Fence offers a more aesthetic appearance as well as density. Grass fence is especially for security and decorative purposes. The braided wires do not have the appearance of cold metal but also offer safety. Available in rolls.


What are the usage areas of grass walls?

Since the grass wall provides an aesthetic appearance, it is defined as an artificial lawn that is used frequently for decorative purposes and is quite resistant to harsh natural conditions. Although it is an artificial product, hedge panel systems which can create natural grass perception in humans;

  • sports fields,
  • playgrounds,
  • terraces and gardens,
  • poolside,
  • in the garden partitions of cafes and restaurants
  • site and villa gardens
  • roadside walls and facades
  • Garden border fence


What is the cost of grass fences?

When you think about your privacy and security of life, the grass fences is economical for you. The cost of the artificial grass fence panels determined by square meters. So you can buy grass fences in every length and width. You are so special to us. Customer satisfaction is always our first important vision. Your happiness is also Decora Fence’s mission. As a result, you can choose us with peace of mind. Please contact us if you want to get more information.


Artificial Grass Fence for Landscaping

When we live in a villa or a detached house or a housing estate, we want privacy for relaxation we can provide by separating from the outside world. This separation was used to achieve by big, tall, and ugly walls or fences. But today, thanks to the grass walls, we can manage this in an aesthetic way. Natural grass in a fence or wall is hard to obtain and maintain, where the solution is artificial grass fences.

Artificial grass fences or also known as artificial boxwood hedges are perfect solutions for both landscaping and protection. Grass fences are manufactured with artificial or synthetic grass and commonly used to cover between trees or posts in order to separate the frontier of the estate.

Artificial grass fence for decoration is an easy work which is merely covering a normal fence with artificial grass. The synthetic yarn that the artificial grass is made of, is beneficial for both security and landscaping. Synthetic yarn is used in artificial grass just like weaving carpet. The color of the grass fence is generally green which resembles natural grass. But, more expediently, different colors are possible in order to harmony with the general decoration. Red, blue, brown and some other colors are choices for the color of the artificial grass.

How to Use Grass Fence for Landscaping?

As landscaping becomes more and more important every day, the grass fence can be seen as mandatory. Because it ensures both security and decoration. Razor wire or barbed wire were being used in the past in order to provide security. This was creating ugly scenery. But artificial grass fence panels can make a great harmony with the whole landscaping of the residence, which is possible with different color choices.

We recommend our customers to choose appropriate colors with the decoration. For example, if you want red grass, you should use a red fence with the grass. But if you want a natural view, you should stick with the standard green one.

There are also alternative uses of the grass fences. You can make a wonderful tunnel from the entrance of the estate to the building. There is no limit to imagination. Today most of the city municipalities cover the fences around the trash dumpsters with artificial grass in order to make the city view more beautiful. You can create a wonderful and natural design by planting trees with grass fences.


How to install grass fence panels?

Grass fence systems that attract attention with their decorative appearance are generally used in natural environments. Or in areas where you want to feel yourself in a natural environment. Completely made of artificial grass, this fence will give your spaces a natural look. You can not use these lawn fence systems produced especially for the walls on floors. Although the carpet is similar to the floor covering used in the fields, the grass fence is used only on the walls. This artificial grass; fences, wall coverings, mesh wires are easily applied. You can ensure your safety with a natural look by choosing these fence grass barriers for your outdoor spaces. At Saglam Fence, we are proud to offer you the best quality and most affordable lawn fence products. Now let’s examine the grass fences a little more.

It can be installed on the wire mesh fence or panel fence or directly to the wall.


Artificial Grass Fence Dimensions

First of all, we can say that the dimensions can change according to customer demand. Of course, there are some standard dimensions for calculations and normal applications; but for special applications, the demanded size products according to the design can also be manufactured.

How to Designate Artificial Grass Fence Dimensions?

As we mentioned before, first, the establishment area is inspected according to some criteria. When you contact us, our experienced personnel will come to the area, decide about the most proper product, and make the required measurements. While making the measurements, they will check the most important criteria which is the plainness of the field. Then, they will consider other criteria as:

  • If there are reliefs in the field or not,
  • The proper height of the field,
  • The convenience of the product to the field,
  • Security issues,
  • The desired thickness of the grass.

After clearing these criteria, general cost estimation is calculated.

During this period, every detail will be shared with the customer. How many panels or products will be used, what kind of material will be used, and why and all this information will be explained. After this, the designation process will be finished.

Artificial Grass Fence Standard Dimensions

As we can manufacture our products according to special demands, most of the time, standard hedge panels are preferred. There are so many types of standard products and they are making the calculation so easy. The lowest and highest dimensions range from 50cm to 200cm. There are also standard products at 80 cm, 100 cm, 130cm, 150cm.

If you want to buy the product only and place it by yourself, you can choose 100cm panels, and you will have a great view after the work is finished. Or you can have 200cm panels and have a whole structure. Everything is up to your taste.

The height of the fences is designed as longer than people’s height. Also, we can place razor wire on it if desired. As this product provides coverage and safety with a decorative look, it can add also barbed or razor wire to the product. They are taller than people’s height in order to prevent passing through them. Also, you can increase the security level by placing cameras on top of them.


Where to buy an artificial green wall?

Grass fences are also known as artificial grass wall fences. Because these fences weave around your house like a wall, giving you safe living space. In recent years, especially in the gardens of the villa preferred artificial grass on fence are very popular. If you want to add beauty to the beauty of your villa, you should choose artificial grass wall panels. Where to buy grass wall fences? The answer to this question is quite simple. Relying on our experience of over 30 years, we say that grass fences are purchased from Decora Fence. Because we are both the master of our business and we are doing our job with your full satisfaction.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with quality standards and ISO 9001 certified. It can also be used in bad weather conditions with its waterproof feature. They do not wear out in bad weather conditions such as natural grass. It is produced from artificial grass and is resistant to all kinds of bad weather conditions. The most important point here is the quality materials used in producing artificial grass. Thanks to the high-quality materials used, the lawn is durable and remains green at all times.


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