Garden Border Fence

A lot of people are trying to find the best option to cover their gardens ,balconies, fields or sport courts with the best option in terms of quality , price and look.

Now people are using garden border fences fort he decoration and security of the different ares.



Wall Grass in Turkey

What is the best type of fence for gardens?

Garden border fences are a very decorative product as well as providing your safety. Especially if you have a house with a garden that will help you to decorate your garden.

For example, after covering your garden with lawn fences, you hang your pots on these lawn fences and make your garden look more modern and aesthetic. Who wouldn’t want to live in a modern, green area? So it is a product you can choose with peace of mind grass fences.

The quality of the artificial grass used on the fences is very important. Because the fence will give the true beauty of artificial turf. So it would be right to work with a company that can do this job in a quality way. Saglam Fence offers you naturalness and aesthetic appearance together. If you want to take guarantee your safety you should buy artificial hedge panels.

The best fence type is a grass wall for your garden.


Advantages of artificial grass fence panels
  • After arranging your terrace, garden, you can arrange your terrace using different decoration materials.
  • Regardless of the architectural structure of the house, fake grass panels can adapt to that area.
  • An artificial hedge fence is a decorative product that gives the area a natural look.
  • If you wish, you can create completely independent areas with this product and create a special area.
  • You can adjust the height of the grass fence panel yourself.
  • Grass fences that best reflect the color of nature are often maintenance-free.
  • Grass walls can also be used for safety purposes.
  • Moreover, they offer you a green space in summer and winter.


Benefits of grass wall
  • Highly economical fence grass barrier. It won’t harm your budget.
  • Natural and aesthetic appearance. It is also modern and decorative.
  • Maintains the appearance of natural grass for many years with its non-fading colors.
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors, anywhere lawn appearance is desired. Multi-purpose.
  • Practical and easy to clean and maintain. So much is preferred.
  • It can be used in all seasons because it is resistant to the most difficult climatic conditions.
  • It is cheaper and less expensive than natural germination.
  • No irrigation and maintenance costs. You don’t have an extra cost.
  • Resistant to heat and cold. Non-flammable.
  • It is safe and healthy with its fireproof and spill-proof properties.


What are the usage areas of grass walls?
  • Parks and gardens
  • Roadside
  • Sites
  • Villas and their surroundings
  • Industrial zones
  • Land
  • Landscaping
  • Sports complexes
  • Pool fronts

and so many other places which artificial green wall used.


Grass Fence Panels Around Building

As landscaping is becoming more and more popular every day, grass fence panels are increasing their importance. First, they were generally preferred around villas for both security and landscaping reasons. But today, we can see grass fences around building complexes, individual buildings, sports fields, and even garbage containers. It is all because, as we mentioned before, of landscaping. People want to live in a modern, clean, and relaxing area, which is possible with landscaping. This forces city management to prefer grass fences in more possible places.

Grass Fence Panels Around Buildings

It is easier to install grass fence panels around buildings than building complexes. Because, as we can easily understand, the application area is smaller. It will take a very short time to install panels after the site survey and earthwork completed totally.

Using grass fence around buildings were not very common. Because it was an extra cost for residents and generally people don’t want to spend money for unnecessary reasons. But, security issues gain more importance, and creating more secure places became crucial. So, in order to provide both safety and landscaping, grass fence panels are the best solution.

The most important thing to pay attention to installing grass fence panels is the color of the landscaping. You should prefer choosing the proper ones for the dominating colors. It will create a great harmony with the dominant colors if you use the same color of grass fence or just the opposite. This way you will have wonderful landscaping.

Building Complexes with Grass Fence Panels

This will be harder to install because the area is wider. So, in order to place grass fence panels perfectly, you should prefer professional assistance and labor. Because even a small mistake will lead to total failure. Because the fence panel is a system and in order to have a complete system, there is no space for even a tiny fault. That kind of mistake will cause extra labor and change of every panels’ place.

One of the main issues about building complexes is the surface. Although concrete surfaces are believed to be more secure, it is not very proper for the first installation. The soil surface is better for the application. After completing the earthwork, we can start assembling panels.

As we mentioned before, grass fence panels around building complexes became almost indispensable. Construction of complexes has increased very much in the last years and all the projects include grass fence panels for landscaping. As it is possible to choose so many different colors, landscaping becomes easier. But, as it is the color of nature, green color is still the most popular one.


What is the cost of grass fences?

Decora Fences are decoration products that have increased in use in recent years. The wide range of usage areas shows that you will reach different prices within the scope of decorative prices. According to the price determination, there is a change. As Decora Fence, we have set some criteria for decora fence prices. Especially;

  • According to the usage area,
  • According to the type of grass,
  • Size of the area where the grass wall will be built

The above properties directly affect the price of the lawn.


How to install grass fence panels?

The installation of a grass fence panel is easy.

  • Grass fence panels are cut between two wires with sharp blades and winded.
  • In this way, grass fences are formed, but it is also a very durable product with the use of resistant materials.
  • Green wall systems are preferred frequently in outdoor areas, especially in gardens.
  • Stainless steel and PVC coating is used for grass fence.
  • This means that the fence is not damaged in any way, even in bad outdoor conditions.
  • It has a particularly stainless and non-oxidizing structure.
  • This way you can use your lawn fences for long periods outdoors.
  • Not only for decor purposes, but you can also choose grass fences for security and private space.
  • These decorative fences, which prevent the angle of view, keep your private space in your house.
  • It also prevents foreigners and stray animals from entering your garden.
  • In addition, a lawn fence is applied to all kinds of floors and places.


Where to buy an artificial green wall?

Artificial grass panels are a decorative product especially suitable for outdoor use in areas such as fences, gardens, balconies, and terraces. You can create a special place for yourself thanks to the grass fences that add peace to the green environment. Grass fences are produced by Saglam Fence and patented. Lawn fences produced by us in Turkey are exported all over the world. Based on our 30 years of experience in the sector, we say that you can choose us with peace of mind. We have a very reference in the world and in Turkey. Now let’s learn more about grass fences together.

Artificial Grass Fence Panels

Artificial grass fence panels are mounted on your previously made fences. In other words, if you have a wire mesh fence that you have made before, you can get the fence panels by covering them with artificial grass.


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