Artificial turf

It can be easily installed on the ground or on the wall. Most of consumers are buying artificial grass rather then natural grass due to price point .It is very cheap comparing to natural grass and it does not need more maintenance work.



Artificial Grass The players did not like it in the beginning because it was very hard in the beginning. After passing some decades manufacturers started producing artificial turf for football, multi-use fields, hockey, rugby, and garden in very good qualities. Initially, it was called astroturf as well. Artificial turf is very popular for different purposes nowadays.

It is very difficult to keep natural grass always green and durable due to weather conditions whereas artificial grass is very easy to keep alive and always green. Artificial turf products can be used for years in football fields or gardens.

Artificial turf is commonly used in the garden of houses, swimming pools, sports facilities …. synthetic grass is also called fake grass because it is not natural and made of pp or pe material. fake turf is used a lot for the decoration of places.

Artificial grass manufacturers in Turkey manufacturing synthetic grass in different heights and lengths. The grass carpet width is 4 meters and the length could be in different sizes. Most garden grass heights are between 18 mm to 50 mm. However, there is decoration grass between 5 mm to 10 mm. Artificial turf carpets are manufactured by tufting machines and Turkey is one of the biggest artificial turf manufacturers in the World.

Most manufacturers are exporting their goods to different countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, European countries, and the rest of Middle East countries and Africa. Artificial turf products are also used to cover the walls.

Artificial Grass For Wall, artificial grass on the wall for garden


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