Artificial Hedge Panel

Artificial hedge panels used in gardens, companies, schools, factories environment.

It is used for decoration and security purposes..


The features of artificial Hedge Panels are so much. Because it is a beneficial product with;

  • cost-effectiveness,
  • low maintenance
  • It is an economical,
  • high quality
  • reliable application

and applied to any place where natural lawn appearance is desired. A lawn fence is a visual and useful application that changes the air of many places today. The lawn fence, which creates the most beautiful lawn-looking spaces, is preferred with its economical and practical greening. For example, you have a café in the city and you want it to have a natural look away from the concrete view of the city. In this case, grass fence applications are just for your place. You can earn more customers by making the application.

We can export as Decora Fence our grass fences to any part of the world. Grass fence panels are produced specially for us to live our lives more easily and comfortably. The most important point here is customer satisfaction. We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our goal is to build the best quality Artificial Hedge Panels in your living spaces and offer you a comfortable life. With lawn fences, you can move comfortably in your garden. Nobody will bother you. With artificial green wall covering you will be happy!

Saglam Fences are ready to give you the peace of nature with its natural appearance. For more information, please contact us.


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