Artificial Grass on Fence

As we know, artificial grass is used in many fields today.

The most common use is sports. In addition, the second most used field is decoration.

People give so much importance to decoration. Also, artificial hedge panels are important for our privacy. Artificial Grass on Fence is manufactured to ensure our safety and decoration purposes.


What is the best type of garden fence (1)

What is the best type of fence for gardens?


For your gardens, an artificial grass wall is the most beautiful solution for your gardens.

Fences are security and decorative products made of stainless steel and coated with galvanized or PVC. In recent years, our need for security is constantly increasing. Today’s living conditions put people in a difficult situation and some people do bad things. Wire mesh fences and panel fences are used to prevent them. Especially when the privacy of the person is taken into consideration, the fences need to be improved by some improvements and innovations. The grass fence manufacturer Decora Fence does this for you. The fence is made up of grass fence by covering it with quality artificial grass.

  • Grass wall completely prevent the inside from appearing.
  • It has a great effect on the formation of full privacy area.
  • Fences made of stainless materials are added with artificial green wall which does not fade.
  • Artificial grass wall panels protected against UV rays gives you the appearance of natural grass.
  • Provides an aesthetic appearance as if living in a forest.
  • You can use it for many years because it is made of high quality materials.

The idea of covering the fences with artificial turf is a logical and wise solution. For some people, privacy is especially important for families living in a house with a garden. Nobody wants to see the inside of his house from the outside. So artificial grass fence covering are a highly successful solution for home gardens.

What are the best fence ideas for your home?


The best fence ideas for your home is artificial grass fence panels. Because;

  • Grass fence is a modern fence system.
  • It is a grass fake grass panels system that can be used in your home garden, cafe, workplace, home and similar areas where you want to give a natural look.
  • Artificial hedge fence assembly is possible in the desired dimensions and shape.
  • Grass wall panels has 100% UV protection and has the ability to withstand sunlight (ultraviolet rays).
  • Systems can be installed at the desired height.
  • It seems to natural grass color and the color of fence grass barrier does not fade.
  • It is produced by applying UV protected PVC to hot dipped galvanized wires.
  • You can use our grass fence product indoors and outdoors when you want a green lawn appearance all year round, 4 seasons.
  • Artificial green wall panels are non-flammable and resistant to cold.
Artificial Grass on Wall Design


Then let’s introduce you to artificial grass. It is a long-lasting and useful product produced by using artificial turf synthetic yarns, harmless to health, free of chemicals. Artificial grass usage areas are very wide. You have all heard that artificial turf is used in sports fields. Artificial grass, produced due to the unsuitable of natural grass, is used in many different fields today. These artificial grasses, which have the same natural grass look, are quite advantageous.

Today, a new one has been added to the areas where artificial grass is used. These areas are areas that include wall decoration or landscape applications. For example, if you want to do landscape work for garden landscaping or a cafe, you can choose artificial grass. It is highly preferable because it is both aesthetically beautiful and durable.

Artificial Grass on Wall Design (1)

In other words, with artificial grass, you can cover the wall of your house and add a lush green look to your home. Just think about it, a wall of your house is covered with a green lawn and you have hung pots or decorative objects filled with colorful flowers on it. How beautiful is it?

This area is known as the use of artificial grass on the wall. You can use artificial grass in interior design ( green wall indoor) or exterior design ( artificial grass wall outdoor) with peace of mind. You can use artificial grass coating for interior and exterior wall design especially.

Grass Wall Decor Ideas

There are also so many artificial grass wall decor ideas for houses with gardens. For example, you can have artificial turf mounted on your existing garden fence. The most suitable garden fence for your home now appears as an artificial grass on fence. Because garden fences cannot provide complete privacy of your home.

Garden fences covered with artificial grass completely prevent the appearance of the inside and provide a special living space for you. How beautiful is it? You can create wonderful decorations in your home with a product that is both very high quality and very durable.

Artificial grass wall is not only used in homes. It is also used in companies, cafes, offices, playgrounds and in every area you want.

In the pictures below you can see artificial grass wall decor ideas. At Saglam Fence, you can make artificial grass wall interior decoration and artificial grass wall exterior decoration with the quality artificial grass we offer.

Artificial Grass on Wall Design (4)Artificial Grass on Wall Design (3)

Artificial turf is very advantageous. Because its lifetime is very long. You will not experience the disadvantages you experience in natural turf with artificial turf. Therefore, we recommend you to contact the nearest artificial wall grass manufacturer Saglam Fence.


Artificial Grass for Balcony, Terrace, and Garden Decoration


If our house has a terrace, we would like to use this place for four seasons. Especially the people living in the city life want to escape from the crowds of the city and create a special living space in their own homes. The most beautiful method of this is artificial grass. The terraces, balconies, and gardens are the door of your house to the outside.

The terraces are either on the ground floor or can be used with the garden. Sometimes it is on the ground floor but can have an independent area. The terraces can also be on the roofs and on the upper floors. The terraces on the ground floor can be separated from the garden with wood, tiles, and different flooring.

More Beautiful Terraces With Artificial Grass

As mentioned above, you can sit out on the terrace in the summer and have fun using the heaters in the winter. This is entirely up to you. The upper part of the terraces can be fully open and closed. This depends on the architecture of your home. There are many terraces including indoor and semi-outdoor. But if you want to use your terrace in the summer and winter months, it is better to be covered.

  • The materials you will use on the terraces should be compatible with the furniture and plants.
  • You don’t want to think of a terrace without plants.
  • Because plants give people peace and joy of life.
  • If your terrace is not integrated into the garden, you can grow beautiful flowers and trees in pots.
  • If you want to grow vegetables and fruits, you can grow them in suitable containers.

As you can see artificial grass fence covering can be used on your terrace as well as in many areas of your life. Decora Fence always does better for you and produces quality artificial grass using the latest technology. You can use it easily for many years. You can contact us for more information.

One of the mistakes made in decoration is to renounce comfort with a sense of elegant appearance. You will not be happy in an environment where you are not comfortable. Therefore, you must first identify the points where you can feel good. When decorating your balcony, you should prioritize yourself and your lifestyle.

Soil design is an important factor. If you use artificial grass to decorate the balcony floors, you can get a natural look. In addition to a natural look, it will make your floor beautiful as a sensation and will make your balconies beautiful in the winter and summer months.

Our artificial turf carpets are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Decorative artificial turf carpets with a special additive for UV resistance will remain lush green in your garden and terrace for years. Balcony artificial turf carpetterrace synthetic turf modelsgarden artificial turf carpet models, please ask for price.

Different Ideas for Garden Decorations

You can try fine-edged household items to improve your balcony decoration. Fine tables and chairs add elegance to the environment. In addition to getting a stylish look, these choices will make a positive contribution to your own comfort.

Balcony decoration can be changed continuously. Guests arriving at home can continuously increase their balcony population. In addition to the comfort of using portable chairs for this purpose, this situation will be useful for sudden decoration changes.

To make your balcony more enjoyable, you may want to consider a mini-fridge or cupboard. A small fridge where you can put your drinks and keep cold drinks can increase your enjoyment.

Artificial Grass for Balcony, Terrace and Garden Decoration 1

We mentioned that comfort is of great importance when decorating the balcony. You can also use the pillows for your own comfort. The multitude of soft pillows you can use can provide you with a peaceful, comfortable environment.

You can use green in every part of your house. It is good for you to feel the power of nature with you. For your balcony, using the flowers in the balcony irons makes you feel good. Plants that you can look after with pleasure, which you can devote yourself to, will also have a positive effect on your psychology.

As in every corner of your home, you need strong lighting on your balcony. It is one of the most important building blocks of lighting decoration. Especially for a place that needs to be romantic like a balcony, the right and strong lighting can be good.

Your balcony can be your child’s playroom.


How to choose the best fence for my garden?

Given the above-mentioned features, grass fences are a very profitable investment Artificial grass panels fence is the best fence for your garden. . Grass Fence is a type of fence that is preferred quite frequently with its decorative, durable and robust structure. The product consisting of the combination of artificial grass and fence material is known as Grass Fence. Our product, which is produced from artificial grass, creates decorative lawn fence sections in the inner and outer parts of alternative spaces and gives the structure a different appearance. Grass fences made of special PVC material are applied on stainless wire.


How much do green walls/vertical gardens cost?

The green walls / vertical gardens cost can be changes according to your garden or areas size.

The price is determined the square meters of the areas which you covered with artificial hedge panels.


Which is the best company for artificial putting green?

As Dekora Fence, we are among the leading companies in the artificial grass fence covering sector. We have great references with the large scale applications we have done before. So we have full confidence in ourselves. Our company, which works with an understanding that never compromises on quality, offers you a very good product visually. We are the best for turf wall decor.


Which do you prefer: artificial grass or natural grass?

The grass fence features are;

  • Produced by using special materials protected against UV rays.
  • It is applied on galvanized and PVC coated wire mesh.
  • It is made in accordance with each project in desired dimensions.
  • Heat and cold resistant and non-flammable.
  • Produced in rolls of 10 meters each.
  • It responds to every demand with many color options.
  • Extremely economical compared to natural grass. And more durable.
  • Easy to maintain and clean, short installation time.
  • 5 mm double-wound wire and 3 mm thick hot-dip galvanized.
  • Eye opening is 40 × 40 mm and does not show interior.
  • Height varies between 50-200 cm. Custom size can be made according to your request.
  • It can be applied to the places with the desired height.
  • Does not fade, deteriorate, does not catch fire and does not spill.
  • Used in four seasons. Not affected by bad weather conditions. It is a profitable investment.
  • Durable for at least 10 years.
  • Washable and does not paint.
  • It is non-flammable so it can be preferred outdoors with peace of mind.
  • Can be used as a panel because it does not require any support element.

When we compare to the natural grass the grass fence panels are;

  • cost effective
  • advantagable
  • does not fade
  • does not need water

there are so many advantages of fake grass panels. So you should choose artificial grass fence panels.


How many year do grass wall has warranty?

Our artificial grass wall panels  has at least 10 year warranty. This is a cost effective and logical investment. It is worth it to buy..


How to install grass fence panels?

The grass fence panels reaches your hand ready for installation. It is very easy to install. By mounting on the balcony iron or your existing garden wire, you create a beautiful view and a special space for yourself. The grass is often not to show the back of the fence. Both in terms of durability and aesthetic appearance can be used in many areas. Decora Fence grass fence panels can be applied as an existing wire mesh, wall surface, or as a roller between the poles, and as a panel in areas where there is no supporting element.


Where to buy grass wall?

As Decora Fence we are Turkey based company and  we are the manufacurer of privacy fences and a company engaged in production in the world. Working with an understanding that never compromises on quality, Decora Fence offers you a more aesthetic world. For more information, please us.


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