Security and Privacy Fences

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Fence panels, which are called different names among people, are produced using artificial grass. So what are the advantages of artificial grass fences? (this is another name) Let us examine. Artificial grass fences are known by many different names. These are grass walls, hedge panels, fake green wall panels, lawn fence panels, artificial hedging, artificial grass hedge walls, artificial grass fence covering, privacy fences and so many different names.

Privacy  Fence panels Use Areas

  • Parks and gardens
  • Roadsides
  • Sites
  • Villas
  • Industrial zones
  • Company environment

Grass Fence rollers are made of non-flammable PVC with a special formula UV protection factor and electrostatic stainless galvanized by pressing and knitting two wires in special machines. Decorative grass fence rolls are produced in the desired dimensions. Standard dimensions of artificial grass fence panels:

Size and Dimensions

Artificial grass fences can be sized specifically for the area to be used. If there is a product that best meets your demands, it is also artificial grass fences. As Saglam Fence we are Artificial turf manufacturers in Turkey and we produce the best quality artificial turf in the world. We offer you a great product by combining wire mesh fences or panel fences.

  • 100 cm x10 mt
  • 120 cmx10 mt
  • 150 cm x 10 mt
  • 170 cm x 10 mt
  • 200 cm x 10 mt

As we mentioned, special size artificial hedge fence panels can also be made. You can contact our company for detailed information about cheap artificial hedge fence panels.

Grass wall panels are used in your gardens as an extra wall as privacy fences.


Artificial grass fences also serve as a roadblock that can prevent thieves from entering your home. It is a product that you can install razor wire on it like normal fence panels. As you know, razor wires are one of the best methods to deter thieves. The most important reason for using it in military facilities is that it is a very convenient product to protect border security. Based on this, we have shown you that it is easy to increase your garden security.

As a faux grass wall manufacturer, we are here to serve you. This type of garden fence is thee types of modern garden fenceArtificial grass on wall design is so modern and natural. You can put some decorative objects on artificial grass wall decor.

So you can trust artificial grass fence panels as the best garden fence panels.

If you are looking for cheap privacy fence panels for sale you can contact us.

The artificial wall will be your new modern decoration items for your home, company, cafes&restaurants.

Features of  Fences

  • While the manufacturing of grass fences stainless steel material is used.
  • PVC is used as a coating material
  • Does not ignite.
  • Resistant to fading, deterioration, and spillage.
  • Washable with minimum paint retention.
  • Because it is extra protected against UV rays, you can use it for many years.
  • Galvanized and PVC-coated product is very durable.
  • Can be made following each project in desired dimensions.
  • Heat and cold resistant and non-flammable. So it can be used outdoors easily.
  • Can be made with the desired tone of green.
  • You can reduce the maintenance cost by using artificial grass instead of using natural grass.
  • Easy to maintain and clean. Artificial grass fence installation is short-term.
  • 5 mm double-wound wire and 3 mm thick hot-dip galvanized.
  • Eye-opening is 40 × 40 mm and does not show the interior.
  • Height varies between 50-200 cm.
  • It can be applied to places with the desired height.
  • Artificial garden border fences do not fade, deteriorate, do not catch fire, and do not spill.
  • Used in four seasons.
  • Durable for at least 10 years.
  • Washable and can be painted.
  • Can be used as a panel because it does not require any support element.