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Artificial Hedge Panels

grass wall panels

Artificial hedge panels used in gardens, companies, schools, factories environment.

It is used for decoration and security purposes..

Artificial hedge panels are now known as Decora Fence. Also it can be used for decoration purposes.  It is also characterized by many different names such as a grass wall. Grass wall is called because of the quality and robustness of a wall stems from. Lawn fences ensure a safe life because it surrounds your home like a castle wall. As grass fences are used in your homes;

  • companies,
  • In the factory,
  • in the land,
  • rural areas
  • around the cafe

can also be used to identify border regions. As you can see, thanks to these widely used grass fence both aesthetically beautiful appearance and safety are provided.

There are no people who don't like green. Green is the color of nature and a source of peace. Today, green areas are gradually decreasing. Protecting nature may not be so easy because there are many damages to nature for reasons not available to us. Especially because of the buildings made to each empty space, many natural areas have been destroyed. Therefore, the greens disappeared. Therefore, grass fences can be used to increase green areas.

It can be also dyed to any colour during the production. Most of consumers are buying green colour because it looks very natural. Nowadays there is a new product in the market which is called fake grass panels. Grass fence is made of galvanised wires and pvc leafs. Metal fences and grass fences can be manufactured in different mesh holes and heights. The consumers are mostly buying grass fence rather then buying metal fence because grass fence a lot of advantages.

  • First of all it gives a natural look.
  • Secondly it can be easily installed through a wire.
  • Thirdly grass fence panels can be manufactured in any colour.
  • Fourtly grass fence panels are also used to have privacy in the gardens or swimming pools.

Grass fence panels by another name hedge panel or artificial grass panel can be also used as decorative items. Grass fence panels can be used in the decoration of gardens, wedding areas, restaurant gardens, school gardens etc.

  • Quality & resistance: We use quality materials whose highly resistant composition is guaranteed 3 years anti-UV.
  • Recyclable: We are committed to protecting the environment by using high-tech products, 100% recyclable.
  • Comfort & Esthetics: Installation side, ther is no staple nor nail. Our objective is to guarantee a unique aesthetic result. Much prettier than a blackout grill, we offer a wide range of artificial grass fence.
  • Protection: Looking for an occultation solution? Our panels are an excellent grass barrier to protect you from inquisitive eyes.
  • Low  maintenance: our artificial grass fence has no constraints. No need to water or cut them. In addition, they attract no parasite, no dirt and resist all weather. Once laid, they remain intact over the years.

Grass fences are usually used in;

  • In the gardens of houses
  • In Company
  • In Café
  • In Highway
  • In the Land
  • Villa in

As you can see the usage area of artificial hedge panels is quite wide. You can manufacture grass fence in any area you want.

Artificial Grass Application Types

Artificial grass or artificial turf is a surface of synthetic fibers that are produced to look like real grass. It is mainly used in sports fields, however, it is also commonly used in residential areas because of the less necessity of maintenance. It is especially beneficial at domed, partially covered, or covered stadiums because of the insufficient sunlight problem.

The first riveting artificial grass application is Astrodome, which is the first multi-purpose domed sports stadium located in Houston in 1966. The special product “ChemGrass” was produced by the Monsanto Company and branded as Astroturf, regarding Astrodome, and the term became a generic trademark for any artificial turf since then.

So, artificial turf is a carpet-like, durable and cost-efficient product.

Artificial Grass Applications

As we mentioned before, artificial grass has earned its reputation as a sports field, but today application of artificial grass has vast use types. Some of the most used places are:

  • Residential lawns, backyards, and gardens,
  • Dogs, cats, and some other pets,
  • Artificial grass mat uses for cows,
  • Schools and kindergarten,
  • Hotel gardens,
  • Gardens as grass wall,
  • Exhibition centers, malls,
  • Balconies and rooftops,
  • Golf putting greens.

Artificial grass has some great benefits when compared to natural grass. Natural grass is hard to plant and grow, and expensive and difficult to maintain. These are increasing the use of artificial grass every day. The average life-span of artificial turf in sports fields is 5-10 years, while it is up to 30 years at residential usage.

Alternative Applications of Artificial Grass

We have mentioned so many types of synthetic grass applications. Synthetic turf is used in sports fields, walking trails, playgrounds, residents, hotels, gardens, balconies, terraces, etc. A plain surface is enough to establish this. But also there are some alternative ways of using artificial grass. The alternative usage is landscaping.

If the area is big and natural grass will be unnecessary and expensive, artificial grass is the solution. The sides of the highways are an example of this. It is really hard and expensive for these places, so today, more administrative prefer artificial grass.

Landscaping is also important for gardening, residential areas, and hotels. Green colored grass resembles the beauty of nature, so it is preferred for so many places. Landscaping the interior and outside of buildings are made of artificial grass. Hotels, museums, parks are the places that different kinds of artificial grass landscaping are used.

We can export as Decora Fence our grass fences to any part of the world. Grass wall panels are produced specially for us to live our lives more easily and comfortably. The most important point here is customer satisfaction. We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our goal is to build the best quality lawn fence walls in your living spaces and offer you a comfortable life. With lawn fences you can move comfortably in your garden. Nobody will bother you. With artificial grass fence covering you will be happy!

Dekora Fences are ready to give you the peace of nature with its natural appearance. For more information, please contact us.

You can ensure the safety of the areas you want to provide security by simply building wire fences or panel fences. But for some people, privacy is very important. Artificial green wall panels are produced as a solution to such situations. Today, grass walls are the most used security systems in terms of privacy and security.

  • Grass fences are very easy to install.
  • Grass walls are usually produced in green.
  • Different color artificial grass fences can be produced according to different requests.
  • You can use artificial green wall of any places where you want to use it.

There is a very important point about grass. The leafs of grass fence panels should be strong enough against UV lights. If the leafs of grass fence panels are not UV protected the colour of the leafs may change after installing of 4-5 months. Because of this reason the best is to buy a high quality material. Saglam Fence is using the best material of leafs to have a very high quality of wall panels. Decora Fence is grass fence panel manufacturer in Turkey.

Grass fences are exported to all over the world because it has a very wide usage area.

The features of artificial grass fence panels is so much. Because it is a beneficial product with;

  • cost effecttiveness,
  • low maintenance
  • It is an economical,
  • high quality
  • reliable application

and applied to any place where natural lawn appearance is desired. Lawn fence is a visual and useful application that changes the air of many places today. The lawn fence, which creates the most beautiful lawn-looking spaces, is preferred with its economical and practical greening. For example, you have a café in the city and you want it to have a natural look away from the concrete view of the city. In this case, grass fence applications are just for your place. You can earn more customers by making the application.


Artificial Hedge Panels