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Artificial Grass Wall Covering

Artificial Grass Wall Covering

Grass fence has been preferred more in recent years, than standard wire fence models. This has many reasons. It is among the most important factors that it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, decorative, and long-lasting. Do you know where the grass fence is used besides being a garden fence? We will say; in wall coverings…

Artificial grass fence wall covering is used both for indoor and outdoor decoration. It has become the most commonly used decorative material in parks, gardens, workplaces, offices, cafes, and restaurants. So what is a grass fence wall, and what are the prices and models?

As Sağlam Fence, we are in the leading position in Turkey in the production of grass fence walls. With our free installation support, grass fence models are with you at the most affordable prices. Contact us now and beautify their living spaces by purchasing a grass fence.

What is Grass Fence Wall?

Grass Fence Wall

A grass fence wall is the version of artificial grass applied to the wall. The artificial grass used on the ground cannot be used as a grass fence. The artificial grass used in the production of grass fences is thinner. Its pile size is low and it is not possible to use it on the ground. You can cover your old fences with a grass fence wall. In addition, for wall decoration, you can cover a wall with a grass fence and hang a frame or painting on it.

If the grass fence wall will be used for the garden wall, you can mount it on the old fences if you want. Or if you don’t have any fence, you can have a grass fence application from scratch. You can use a grass fence wall with mounting apparatus suitable for every situation.

Wall Grass Fence Prices

Grass Fence Prices

Wall grass fence prices vary depending on the size, mesh spacing, color, and type of artificial grass. Each firm has its pricing policy. The important thing is to buy quality and long-lasting artificial wall fence models at an affordable price. As Sağlam Fence, we offer you a wall fence that is both high quality, long-lasting, and does not fade over time. All you have to do for artificial wall grass fence covering prices is to contact us.

Garden Wall Grass Fence Models

Below you can see the application areas of wall grass fence models. In this way, you can have an idea about the grass fence models you want to buy. Your walls will be more stylish and modern with grass fence coating!

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